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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)

Samorost 2 Mod opens a whole new virtual space. Set in outer space, surrounded by darkness. The game is the 2nd version of the publisher Amanita Design. Here, you can explore the universe in a completely different context. With the mission to rescue the dog has been kidnapped by 2 aliens. This is an adventure game, combining puzzle elements. During the move at the alien base. Every time I get lost in a certain place. You need judgment and puzzles to get out of the danger zone. Also, find out the path to the location of the dog being held in captivity.

Download Samorost 2 Mod – The Journey To Rescue The Dog And Escape From Aliens

The content of Samorost 2 Mod revolves around the character in the game. A dwarf wearing a white outfit, with a prominent long nose. Play as a dwarf to experience this exciting adventure. The plot of the game starts from your garden. Suddenly one day a spaceship appeared in the garden. Your dog discovered 2 aliens are stealing fruit from the tree. Unfortunately, those 2 thieves took the dog on a spaceship to their home planet. At that time, you quickly use your rocket to chase. After successfully rescuing the dog. You will start a new, challenging adventure. Accompany the dog on a journey to escape from the aliens. Explore a new space, with lots of puzzle activities going on.Dowload Samorost 2 Mod

Graphics and sound design

The graphics of Samorost 2 Mod is one of the most outstanding elements in the game. As soon as you enter the game, an impressive background appears before your eyes. A dark, secluded space, surrounded by darkness. Creepy creatures with a terrifying appearance. Especially the shape of the planets. Very unique design, with many different designs. There are even some planets that make you think of tubers and fruits. Or the rocket you’re using, designed in the shape of a paint can. Besides, interesting sounds are expressed through the gentle background music. Gives you a feeling of fear in a dark space that the game brings.Ear Samorost 2 Mod

Puzzle gameplay, thinking ability

The gameplay of Samorost 2 Mod has a puzzle style. After rescuing the dog, you and your dog begin a journey to escape. There are many challenges going on in the journey to find the way home. Requires your thinking ability to overcome. Find new directions and think of the best solution to pass the puzzle quickly. For example, if you want to wake up a snoring old man, you need to use a pitcher of water to pour over his mouth. Or sleep the old man is blocking your way. By telling the dog to run down to the basement to find the cup that was being stolen by the weasel. However, your dog will have to water the glowing plant to find the food. Take it as bait for the ferret, use that opportunity to get the cup.Game Samorost 2 Mod

Meet more creatures, the difficulty increases

Throughout the adventure at Samorost 2 Mod. You will encounter a lot of different creatures. They can help or prevent you from moving forward. Also, each time you pass a puzzle, the difficulty of the next one will be increased. Tap your brain to find a solution. Develop imagination to perform desired actions. Besides, you need to gain experience to be able to continue your adventure. Can overcome more difficult puzzles.Samorost 2 Mod

No matter what challenges you face in Samorost 2 Mod. If you want to pass, you need to combine a lot of factors. Observe the surroundings, the activities going on of organisms. As well as objects or anything of interest. Because everything is possible and the key to solving the puzzle. In addition, each planet when you come has a lot of different challenges. Explore and overcome puzzles that will help you uncover the mystery of that planet. After completing the challenge on one planet, you will move to the next planet. In turn, overcoming all the challenges, you will find your way home.

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