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Update October 8, 2021 (2 years ago)

Come to the adventure game of the publisher Skytec Games. Players will experience the horror game Scary Mansion Mod. With survival gameplay, find every way to escape the killer in the gloomy house. Also, explore the mysterious rooms of the serial killer. The game is inspired by the horror movies about the killer Jason and Friday the 13th. Combined with horror puzzles, full of ghosts in the house. As the main character in the game. There will be a lot of activities going on that will keep you busy. Along with the sudden appearance of the killer, is chasing you in the house. Gives you a real sense of fear, by the dark environment. Along with his appearance is very scary. This is the factor that makes every player who loves horror must be satisfied.

Download Scary Mansion Mod – Escape from Dr. Jason’s Haunted House

The background of Scary Mansion Mod opens in a gloomy house of the evil Dr. Jason. In an atmosphere of deathly silence, the surroundings were shrouded in darkness. You will have to face an unforgettable nightmare in your life. What will you do when you are chased by the doctor. His choice to run away or stay was tortured to death. A horror adventure awaits you ahead, with lots of action going on. Save yourself from the pursuit of a murderer in the name of a doctor.Download Scary Mansion Mod


Play as the unlucky postman Freddy in the game Scary Mansion Mod. You deliver the letter to the house of psychiatrist Jason Crow. It is at this moment that you become the new target of this evil doctor. Horror haunting in a dark day came. You will have to go through moments of fear. As soon as he entered the house of the doctor. In front of you is a pig’s head that has just been cut off by him and is waiting in front of the door. Immediately, he ran into the room. At this point, the door was automatically closed. At the same time, you feel danger from the suspicious actions of the psychiatrist doctor. There is no other way in such an emergency. You have to flee into one of the rooms of the house. Keep your life safe, then find a way to escape the gloomy house.Scary Mansion Mod

Missions in the game

Your mission in Scary Mansion Mod is to escape from the house of the mad doctor. But to do that, you will have to face a lot of challenges. Each mission is a thrilling challenge in the rooms. Overcome your fear of serial killer Jason. Choose a safe location, hide well so as not to be found by the doctor. Or run fast when detected. Solve horror puzzles, with complexity in each question. Requires intelligence and thinking to quickly handle dangerous situations. Break the traps in the house created by the advanced doctor. Just one small mistake will cost you. Even if you have to trade with your life if you let the doctor catch you. Overcoming each challenge, in turn, you will find a way to leave his house.Game Scary Mansion Mod

Horror puzzle, increasing difficulty

Scary Mansion Mod has a lot of horror puzzles with tough questions. Each activity that takes place is a puzzle, requiring your logic. With tough challenges in scary rooms. Pass each deadly puzzle in turn, you will unlock new rooms. At the same time be moved to a higher floor to uncover scary mysteries. The difficulty of the game also increases from there. You will have to use all your abilities to survive in the pursuit of the doctor. Make smart actions to fool him. As well as uncovering secrets in the house. Gradually, you will find your way out of this gloomy house.Scary Mansion Mod

The graphics of Scary Mansion Mod are designed in a sharp 3D style. The image quality is carefully refined, creating a realistic environment. With a gloomy atmosphere, engulfed in darkness, with dim lights. The game uses a first-person perspective, with flexible movement in each step. The objects in the house are reproduced very realistically. Along with the scary actions of the crazy Dr. Jason. Combine quiet sounds, with footsteps. Or the door opens when the character performs a certain action. At the same time, the sound is changed flexibly with each action of the character.

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