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Scary Teacher is a fun prank game that is equally tactical to achieve the purpose of teasing. Bringing a trend similar to the once-resounding 9x neighborly teasing game, the difference in this game is that there is a little bit of horror that makes the game very special with the color gamut. this unique. Bringing to the player the feelings of anxiety, suspense mixed with excitement when successfully teasing the terrible teacher with the children in the area.

Download Scary Teacher 3D Mod – Funny Change

Scary Teacher 3D Mod is based on the story of Miss.T who is a math teacher at school, an extremely scary terror to the children in the area because of her horror and monstrosity. Suddenly one day Miss T moves to the house of a boy, this boy is the character that you will play to break into revenge and tease this scary teacher. Disturbing her house or setting traps to make her mad was the great success of the boy’s teasing. Because the gameplay is simple, funny, and fun, but also mixed with a bit of horror, the game was very successful when it was released, attracting tens of millions of people to download and use the game.

Scary Teacher 3D Mod

The fun begins

Now that it’s right next to your house, breaking into this teacher’s house will just be waiting for the right opportunity, every morning Miss T will go out, that time is the safest time for you to sneak into success. Miss.T’s house system is also very complete with rooms such as dining room, bedroom, bathroom … Join Hack Scary Teacher 3D your task is now to destroy every move of her. Make her life really mad by adding salt, adding salt or ruining, changing the items in the house so that when using Miss.T will be extremely angry. Because of the monstrosity and abuse of children, these destructions are really worth it for Miss.T.

Thrilling, thrilling gameplay

The game will have a lot of different tables and will also change the locations of the rooms that Miss. Twill frequent. You will have a certain number of quests but you can complete them in your own way without any particular order as long as you can successfully complete them all. It would be scary to be caught by Miss.T while you’re in her house and doing all those pranks. You have to carefully observe her movements to be able to plan a trip. All moving buttons are located on the phone screen, with the gameplay not too difficult and fun, Scary Teacher 3D Mod has extremely attracted players around the world.

Characters and equipment in the game

You can change the character you own to a boy or a girl depending on your preference. Accompanied by the costumes and accessories, according to that character, you can shop to change the appearance of the character you own. To be able to play Scary Teacher 3D Mod to complete the task more easily, use gold coins to be able to buy destructive equipment without having to search the house. It will take very little time to complete the task when you do not need to make efforts to find items in Miss.T’s house, special items in the shop also have extremely fun effects.

Game Scary Teacher 3D Mod

Graphics of the game

Scary Teacher 3D is a funny and funny game with intentional teasing, but the game’s graphics are designed in a rather horror angle. Building the character Miss.T with an extremely scary facial expression will also somewhat make players panic if caught. Building the game on a 3D platform, in addition to the scary Miss.T character, everything around the game is also designed in a fairly normal way that is easy to play. With a selection of bright and murky colors depending on the necessary scene, it will give players a feeling of both suspense and excitement.

With the feature of unlimited money and energy of the Scary Teacher 3D Mod version, you will experience having a lot of money to be able to buy characters and other items for destructive purposes. With an unlimited amount of money, you will own the most advanced destructive equipment, making Miss.T extremely angry. Besides, the game is entertaining to help you have moments of relaxation when participating and relieve stress after hard working days.

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