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  • Money when rewinding and buying hearts increases..

NOTE: Crashes after the end of the round? Re-enter the game (the game will save the progress before the flight), then open the settings, click on the 2nd button from the bottom, select Graphics and reduce the quality of the graphics.

Please turn off the network and create a character. Then lower the graphics quality down in settings


1. MOD Menu
2. Unlimited Energy
 // Unlimited Energy Purchased
3. Always Free Rewind // Rewind always shows up as free

The games related to the ball theme are increasingly attracting more and more gamers to love and care. The most prominent and typical of them must be mentioned that the name that is very hot at the moment is Score! Hero 2. Following the success of the first version, the gameplay when it was released was received and supported by many players. Simulate football sport in the most realistic way. Showing the level of the world’s No. 1 subject. Dramatic, attractive ball matches will make players feel excited. The squad is full of famous players and stars in the world. Freedom to build a squad according to your tactics and play style. Every week, the system will open contests and tournaments for players to compete against each other. Realistic graphics, extremely vibrant sound help create an extremely warm space.

Download Score! Hero 2 Mod – Show off your soccer skills to everyone

Compared to the first version, Score! Hero 2 Mod shows a lot more progress and upgrades. All movements and movements are extremely smooth. High-quality graphics have been optimized, there is no longer any lag or lag when playing. At the start of the match, when you just started to step out onto the pitch, the fans cheered and cheered very enthusiastically. Give players a feeling of excitement, more intense competition. When the whistle blows, the game begins. If your team has the right to serve, then quickly make passes to teammates. See who your team is playing with the most. Notice if your teammates are unaccompanied, pass it to them. Quickly implement, deploy tactical gameplay. 1 round will last for 3 minutes. Try to score as many goals as possible, Get ahead of your opponent before the game ends. The prestigious trophy is waiting for you and your teammates to conquer.

Score! Hero 2 mod

Enjoy developing your passion

Join Score! Hero 2 Mod you are free to show off, show off your top soccer skills. Many major tournaments with the participation and participation of the top famous athletes in the world. The seconds of suspense, dramatic to suffocation will give players many wonderful experiences. The exciting atmosphere in the stands is a great source of motivation for you to perform better. Calm and confident in each ball dribbling. Use the skills of the players displayed on the screen. Coordinate well with teammates in each phase of the ball to score goals into the opponent’s net.

Game Score! Hero 2 mod hack

Customize your team

The system allows players to customize their team to their liking. Change the appearance of each player, each athlete as you like. If you don’t like black hair, you have many other options in the Hair section. Experience the distinctive style of your own brand. It’s the appearance. What you need to pay attention to, extremely important is the player’s stats. For example: About running speed, fitness, technique, etc…… Upgrade these stats to make your squad stronger.

Game Score! Hero 2 mod

Big tournaments

When participating in the gameplay, the system will let you choose any country for your team. The uniform will also follow that country. As I introduced in the opening part, every week the system will open dozens of major tournaments for the teams to compete. Let your team practice, regularly interact with other clubs. In order to improve the technique, tactics are coordinated more smoothly. The audience in these seasons is very large. Show off your top soccer skills to everyone. Try to score as many goals as possible to win.


The rewards given to the winning team are extremely valuable. Not just trophies and bonuses. Score! Hero 2 Mod has dozens, even hundreds of gifts for outstanding individuals. The bigger the tournaments, the higher the rewards. However, the opponent that you have to overcome is also much more difficult. It is not easy to deal with because they are all famous world-class football teams. You need to work hard and try your best throughout the match to be able to win convincingly.

Tai Score! Hero 2 mod apk

Football is a sport that requires high skill combined with teammates to create strength. The player system is very diverse, there are many famous athletes, extremely good dribbling skills. Try to win to have a lot of money, unlock your favorite character. Build a powerful team, participate in large-scale tournaments. Affirming talent for all the world to see. Download Score! Hero 2 Mod performs professional dribbling and scoring.

Download Score! Hero 2 Mod APK 2.01 (Unlimited Money)

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