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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Money doesn’t decrease as you spend and shop; Immortal

Score Hero Mod is a sports game developed by First Touch Games. As a company specializing in developing famous football games like Drema League Soccer 2021, Score! Match. Currently, the company is headquartered in the UK, with realistic sports-style gameplay that is widely developed around the world. And since its launch, the game has attracted millions of downloads. Currently Score Hero Mod is developed based on two platforms IOS and Android, making it easy for players to access and download with many different payment methods. When you download this game, players will experience the attractive unlimited money feature, so they can comfortably spend and the money will increase gradually over time.

Download Score Hero Mod – Create Beautiful Goals

Talk about Messi’s dribbles or Ronaldo’s classic crosses, Ibrahimovic’s bicycle kick goals, and many other famous players. They have made their brand through special moments that viewers will feel goosebumps. Participating in Score Hero Mod, players will also be able to master those classic moments, becoming a player on the field to draw their favorite ball lines. Combine with teammates to overcome opponents and score goals into the opponent’s net. Unlike other soccer games that control all 11 players on the football field. Instead, the player will control the only fixed player on the field, combining passes. And finish the goal to bring the whole team to victory to glory.Score Hero Mod

Player control

Score Hero Mod controls the player quite simply, starting the game you will be guided to use the basic features. And after only a short time, players will easily get used to this attractive gameplay. During the game to pass the ball to a teammate or shoot the ball towards the opponent’s goal. Players only need a gentle swipe in the direction that they want to put the ball to that position, the ball will fly in the trajectory you want to that position. However, at that time there will be two cases: first, if the ball goes to the correct position and your teammate receives the ball, the game will continue and win when the opponent kicks the goal. Second, if the ball lands on the opponent’s feet, the game is considered over.

More than 580 different levels

To make the game more attractive, Score Hero Mod owns 580 different levels to help you feel not bored when playing the same mode over and over again. At each level, you need to achieve at least one star to be able to move on to the next level. However, everyone’s main goal when participating in the competition is to get up to three stars. The difficulty of the game will be gradually increased after you have passed the previous level. After each level, you will receive a bonus corresponding to the number of stars achieved and the difficulty of the screen. The money you have is used to sign your favorite players and upgrade them to become stronger.Game Score Hero Mod

Sign a contract with a player

Hack Score Hero has a diverse player system, but the parameters of the players are the same, not the same as in reality. Each player will have their own fortes such as heading, passing, finishing, and scoring. That means you will become a player with diverse skills in all aspects and optionally turn the ball into your own. To evaluate the player’s own progress will be evaluated through the completed levels of play. Besides, in order for your image to become famous, you will need to create beautiful goals such as volleys, upside-down bikes, panenka, etc. In addition, Score Hero Mod will limit your number of turns in one game. the date can be viewed by the player through the heart icon that appears on the left side of the screen. For every 4 failures, the heart will lose one symbol,

3D graphic design

Publisher First Touch Games has designed the graphics of Score Hero Mod in sharp 3D. The images are realistically presented and meticulously elaborated on every detail. Combined with attractive effects that you can feel right from the moment you step into the game with flexible, rhythmic movements. Besides, the game also features cut scenes and videos to help you store your beautiful moments. In addition, the sound quality is stable, the voice of the editor is quite easy to hear, helping players feel interesting and excited when participating in the match.

With the Mod version, players will experience the unlimited money feature of the Score Hero game. At that time you can freely use the money to sign transfer contracts with your favorite famous players and buy equipment such as clothes and shoes. Entertaining games to help you have moments of relaxation. Download the game to explore the exciting features and become the player who creates beautiful goals with his teammates on the field and wins over the opponent.

Download Score Hero Mod APK 2.75 (Unlimited Money)

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