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Seek Of Souls Mod is a role-playing game, provided by TownSoftJP. The game has an RPG fighting style, taking players on exciting adventures. Role-play as an adventurer, possessing special powers. Set off on an adventure across the lands to uncover unsolved mysteries. The journey is not easy at all, you have to face many difficulties and challenges. Pass them in turn to continue the journey. The game designs a lot of rich maps, each map is a mysterious land. As an adventurer yourself, you will explore them in turn and collect loot.

Download Seek Of Souls Mod – Become an Adventurer and Explore Every Land

Seek Of Souls Mod opens a large world, players can freely do what they like. In particular, the game is designed according to expanded gameplay. Every job or action you take changes the story. Therefore, before taking action or making a decision, you need to think carefully and accept the final result. Each choice brings a new direction, no one will be able to influence or choose for you. Therefore, when you have decided on your choice, you will have to face the events that follow. The game is built with open gameplay, the plot and the evolution of the game are all your previous decisions. There will be no fixed gameplay, you will write your own story.Download Seek Of Souls Mod

Appeared in the village, met many adventurers

As soon as you enter Seek Of Souls Mod you will appear in a mysterious village. There are many events and activities taking place at various times. As an adventurer yourself, you will surely face a lot of dangers around. If you are not really serious about solving the problem, you will have to die in this place. Along with that, was the appearance of other adventurers. They possess opposing strengths, skills, and personalities. Each adventurer plays a different role, transforming into medieval characters such as gladiators, magicians, swordsmen or horsemen, etc. This is a good opportunity, you not only get to explore many lands. secret. But also go back in time, go back to the past and meet many historical figures.

Complete the task or hire someone to do it for you

Seek Of Souls Mod provides you with a diverse mission system. Each mission is a journey, taking you to exciting adventures. Some missions are provided and are narrative like rescue or cargo transport. If you want to experience a real adventure, you can participate in monster-slaying battles. Or face the darkness, show your skills to win. More specifically, you can hire people to do the task. By going to the tavern in the village, meet the adventurers there, ask them to do quests. Then you will save time and do many other things. However, to ask adventurers to do quests, you need to spend money to hire them. It’s not too important, because you just need to give them a little money for completing the task.Seek Of Souls Mod

Increasing difficulty

The difficulty of the game will increase after you complete the previous mission. You can even exceed the original limit, by reaching the current level requirement to unlock the next level. For each level, the details and tasks will change. If the level is higher, the mission and events will be changed to match that level. The higher the level, the bigger the bonus you get. There is even a chance to receive valuable gifts. In each level of Seek Of Souls Mod, you also have to face monsters. Sometimes fighting a boss, it has an enduring fighting power that surpasses ordinary monsters. Defeat them, the reward will be a lot.

During the adventure, if you, unfortunately, lose your life, you will be revived with new power. For example, you are an adventurer with the role of a swordsman, after respawning will become a mage. In particular, all your journeys are unaffected and the mission in the previous role remains the same. Moreover, the loot obtained or the previous plot is not changed. This saves you time to play again from the beginning. You seem to be changed to new strength, but everything is still normal.

Download Seek Of Souls Mod APK 4.9.2 (Unlimited Money)

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