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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)

Enter Shadows of Kurgansk Mod’s Deadly Zone adventure. Players have to face many dangers and challenges. Fight the attacking zombies, build shelters to protect yourself from harsh environmental conditions. Also, craft weapons to start hunting wild animals. Everything in the game gives you a fascinating survival life. Requires skill and creative play overtime to develop yourself. Find the way to escape from this dangerous land. The game belongs to the action game genre, with a survival style in the natural environment. Promises to bring you to the attractive game screen. But no less dramatic and tense in each battle with zombies.

Download Shadows of Kurgansk Mod – Survival in the Haunted Land

Shadows of Kurgansk Mod opens a gloomy, desolate scene of death. This is a mysterious land called the Zone, surrounded by darkness. Without human life, you are the only survivor in this dark land. Join the game, you play the role of the character in the game. With a mission to survive in the harsh environment, and find a way to escape from this land. It will be a very long process, you need to take time to adapt to the natural conditions here. At the same time, you must learn how to protect yourself from outside influences. The danger is unannounced, can appear suddenly. So you need to be cautious in any situation or take any action. Because you may have to pay with your life to pay for your wrong actions.Download Shadows of Kurgansk Mod

Open gameplay, resource gathering, and foraging

The game is designed by the developer Gaijin Distribution KFT with open gameplay. You can do everything you want, move to different places. However, you need to find food to stay alive. Also collect stones to make materials for crafting. In the early stages of Shadows of Kurgansk Mod, you face a lot of difficulties. Because the person is not equipped with weapons or any tools. The wooden stick can only be picked up on the map as a survival tool. Collect stones to craft a rudimentary stone hammer. Use them to protect yourself and exploit resources. Smash big rocks to mine resources. At the same time move to the big old trees, cut them down to collect more wood.Ear Shadows of Kurgansk Mod APK

Daily tasks

Shadows of Kurgansk Mod’s quest system are divided by day. Starting from day one, you will have to perform a lot of different tasks. From gathering resources such as wood, stone, food to crafting rudimentary weapons. At the same time, you can pile firewood to light a bonfire. Help keep the body warm in inclement weather during the night. Besides, you will have to face a lot of dangers around. The zombies hide in the dark, they appear unexpectedly. Will attack make you lose blood, even take your life. Using weapons in hand, quickly attack them before it’s too late. After the time is up, you will move on to the next day. The difficulty will also increase gradually. Resources need to be collected more and faced with the appearance of a lot of zombies.Shadows of Kurgansk Mod

Build shelter

In harsh environmental conditions in Shadows of Kurgansk Mod. Building a shelter is essential, it helps you keep yourself safe. Avoid a surprise attack from zombies or don’t suffer the cold in extreme weather. However, building a house here is not easy. Because resources are rare and lack manpower, you will face many difficulties. It takes time and effort every day. Surely you will build a complete house.Ear Shadows of Kurgansk Mod

Weapons are one of the tools that help you protect yourself and easily gather resources. Shadows of Kurgansk Mod possesses a diverse weapon system with many different types. Including Ax, Pick, Simple Ax, Knife, Small Torch, … and a rich collection of weapons waiting for you to discover. Each weapon is a tool made of stone or metal. You can use them to participate in animal hunts. Easily defeat them to collect a lot of food. Help to be healthy and able to function at its best. Or protect yourself when attacked by zombies. Use flexibility to destroy them before you lose your life.

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