SimCity BuildIt Mod APK (Money/Simcash/Level 10/Keys)

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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)
  • Unlimited Simoleons
  • Unlimited SimCash
  • Unlimited NeoSimleons
  • Unlimited Gold Key
  • Unlimited Platinum Key
  • Level 32
  • Offline

Read the instructions carefully or the mod will not work!

Method 1

1. Turn off your Internet then start SimCity.
2. City not online for 3 days dialog will popup, The first method is when you tap on the Retry button it will show a reloading icon, Then it will start loading the game.
3. You have to turn on your Internet as soon as the loading screen appears, then immediately turn off the Internet after the game is loaded.
4. If you did it correctly your game will be loaded in offline mode.

Method 2

1. First, Force Stop SimCity game.
2. Download NoRoot Firewall from the play store. (If you phone is rooted you can use AFWall+ or your favorite firewall)
3. Open NoRoot Firewall and Tap on the “Apps” tab, Locate “SimCity” and tap on it, tick both boxes (WiFi, Data) to “Deny any access”, Then go back to the “Home” tab and tap on the “Start” button to start the firewall.
4. Open SimCity, Wait till the game completes the loading, It may take little longer than usual.
5. Now you will get a pop up of “You’re playing Offline”, Just tap on the Ok button and Enjoy.

You have to use NoRoot Firewall every time you open SimCity.
If it asks to sync the game, don’t do it and just close the game from the recent apps, and then open it again without Internet connectivity.

If you are a person who has a hobby as well as a passion for construction works but for some reason prevents you from pursuing that passion. Then please don’t be sad because the game that I am about to introduce to you soon will definitely make you feel happy right away. SimCity BuildIt Mod is a simulation game combined with building on mobile. You will become an architect and your main task is to design and build a city to your liking. It’s amazing how these things are in the real world, I’m sure you won’t even dream that you can do it. In the past, we could only play computer simulation games like the legendary The Sims game. But today’s technology development and especially the introduction of the game SimCity BuildIt Mod has quickly integrated and caught up with the development trend of mankind. This gameplay is currently popular on both android and ios operating systems. Players can download and experience it for free.

Download SimCity BuildIt Mod – City building game on mobile

SimCity BuildIt Mod throws you into a city where you will become the most powerful person because you are the creator of the city’s life. Start planning and building your construction in the city step by step. Attracting players by the gameplay requires meticulousness, planning as well as precise designs. For construction projects, when one inch is wrong, one mile can go wrong. In addition, this gameplay also attracts players by the quality of sharp 3D graphics to every detail and extremely vivid sound effects. Giving players the feeling that although in the virtual world, the experience is extremely realistic. Build your dream city according to your taste and style by downloading SimCity BuildIt right away and experience it right away.

SimCity BuildIt mod

Start planning construction works

What you need to do as soon as you enter the game is to plan the construction of buildings for your city. Do not be in a hurry to be aggressive when you do not know anything about construction and do not know how to build works because you will surely receive failure right away. Draw your city blueprint on paper, calculate costs, and set out the cases that need to be handled. New to the game you will not have too much money to be able to do the things you like, so build buildings that bring you income.

SimCity BuildIt game mod

Collect resources and loot

In the city, you will not simply build buildings, tall houses. But you also have to consider finding sources of materials as well as ways to bring in income for yourself. Hack SimCity BuildIt, building a city will definitely take a lot of resources if you want to create a beautiful dream city. When finding and collecting resources is too difficult, you can conduct the process of exchanging resources with other players. Sometimes you have an excess of this resource, but someone else lacks it. You lack this resource but for some people, it is not necessary. Let’s exchange benefits together to bring the best effect.

Build and develop the dream city

Unleash your passion, create a city that when others look at them sees your personality as the person you are in it. Build industrial parks, produce goods to generate money to increase your income. Develop amusement parks for people to have fun playgrounds, relieve stress after hours of studying and working. Do not forget to create disaster forecasting stations for the city. Because the world in the city also operates on the principle of movement of reality. There is sunshine, there is stormy rain, there are natural disasters such as floods, droughts….v…..v…….

Game SimCity BuildIt mod hack

SimCity BuildIt is really a great success of the ELECTRONIC ARTS network. But because it is a mobile game, this gameplay still has many shortcomings and is reflected by users by some small errors. We have considered and reviewed to release of the SimCity BuildIt Mod product. This hack mod version will be completely different from the regular version. You will not have to worry about the lack of resources when building a city anymore. You don’t have to spend money to upgrade buildings. The construction and development of the city will become easier for you.

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