Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets Mod APK 1.0.0 (Unlimited Money) Dowload

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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)


  • Unlimited Money (money increases when spent)



1. Gold coins will not decrease but only increase
2. All weapons can be used
3. All skins can be used
4. All medals can be used
5. Get 20 times the experience value
6. All battles can be played
7. You can experience the game content for free.

Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets Mod is an action game genre, provided by the developer Atypical Games. Entering a whole new simulation world, you become a pilot in the vast sky. Take on the important mission, control the jet and take off into the sky. Participate in brutal wars, defeat all enemies and targets to complete the assigned mission. The game is designed with 3D graphics, along with vivid image quality. Combined with 3D effects in each battle, giving you endless experiences. Control airplanes, fight enemies, fly over big cities.

Download Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets Mod – Join the Air Wars

Play as a talented pilot in Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets Mod. You control an army-powered jet. Receive missions from superiors, join the war with important roles. Destroy all enemy planes that are encroaching on the country’s territory. Using equipped weapons, you drop bombs on the exact location of the enemy. Or launch rockets, causing them to be completely destroyed. However, in the process of fighting, you will encounter a lot of enemy counterattacks. They use drones or warships under the sea to attack you. Exercise caution in all situations, especially in the active territory. Because danger can appear at any time, even causing you to die on the battlefield.Download Sky Gamblers - Infinite Jets Mod

Training mode, improve skills

Starting from the training mode, you get acquainted with the control system of Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets Mod. With an optimally designed interface, not too complicated. Make it easy for you to control the plane right from the first play. However, if you want to control the jet flexibly, you need time. Because it’s one thing to control an airplane in the sky, it’s another thing to control a plane to fight the enemy. Because in the process of fighting, you also have to avoid enemy fire. Also, react quickly before they fly out of control. Experiencing battles, you will gain valuable experience and lessons. You can improve your skills and become a professional pilot.Game Sky Gamblers - Infinite Jets Mod

Take off, control the plane flexibly and attack the enemy

Entering the game screen of Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets Mod you take off on a runway. Accelerate the plane at a steady speed and start taking off into the sky. Control the aircraft in a stable manner, combining observation to ensure that it is always in control. Also, see your height distance from the ground through the number of meters shown on the screen. As soon as an enemy plane is detected, you will receive an attack command. Now quickly use the jet to accelerate the plane to chase the enemy. At the same time, use the equipped missiles, aiming accurately to destroy them. Do not forget to monitor the radar to know the position of yourself and the enemy. Show combat skills to defeat all targets, protect the city in peace.

Dodge enemy fire

During the combat in the sky, you are not the only offensive force. Enemies can counterattack with powerful firepower. If you do not quickly avoid it, you will be in danger, even losing your life. Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets Mod requires combat experience you learned in previous battles. Observe and dodge enemy attacks, and counterattack with destructive missiles. Make them unable to escape and become scraps in the vast sky.Sky Gamblers - Infinite Jets Mod

Online mode

Join the online mode of Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets Mod you get to fight with other players. Form an alliance and enter the epic 7vs7 battle. Compete in strategy and jet control skills by taking down enemies. Win against other players and get valuable rewards.

More than 100 jets

The game offers you more than 100 unique jets. Each aircraft is designed with an impressive appearance and different fighting and operating capabilities. You can use the money accumulated from previous battles. Unlock yourself a favorite jet to participate in the air battles. Besides, Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets Mod allows you to change the appearance of the aircraft. Choose your favorite paint color, you can cover the plane to make it stand out in battles.Tai Sky Gamblers - Infinite Jets Mod

Coming to Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets Mod you can experience many large areas. Each area is a world-famous city like Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, and many more. The map is designed to be extremely realistic, with high mountains and a deep blue sea. You can observe from the sky looking down, creating an extremely realistic battle. Along with realistic sounds of the battle when attacking other aircraft or the sound of a jet while the plane is in flight.

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