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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Slash of Sword 2 Mod is a role-playing game genre, with RPG style. By joining the game, you will play the role of a character in the game, with the task of vindication for yourself. Discover stories and make appropriate choices for the events that take place. Every decision you make will have an impact and influence on the character later on. Moreover, using weapons in hand, you will have to participate in intense and dramatic hand-to-hand battles. This is a survival game, you will have to fight hard to survive and find the opportunity to clear yourself.

Download Slash of Sword 2 Mod – Join The Fight And Justify Yourself

Slash of Sword 2 Mod opens an interesting storyline. You are a foreign tourist, traveling in another country. However, a surprise comes, you are found guilty of a murderer and arrested. Not understanding what is happening, you are escorted to the battlefield as a punishment. There is a brutal war going on, countless people have died. Join the game, you will become a warrior and fight with many enemies. Your opponents are cold-blooded killers who are ready to kill you at any time. So learn to survive and fight to take down the enemy. As well as finding the answer to vindicate Slash of Sword 2 Mod

Make a choice and explore many places

Participating in Slash of Sword 2 Mod you will have the opportunity to explore many different stories. Each story is a theme, you will meet characters in the game to make your own choices. Each of your choices will affect the storyline and relate to the character later on. Therefore, you need to think carefully before making a decision. What’s more, you will have the opportunity to experience many different locations. From the bustling city to the resettlement area, even in the deserted forest. Each location is an interesting story for you to discover. That means you will be able to meet the characters there and interact with them. At each of those locations, there will be a lot of necessary resources and items. You can collect them to use in many different things.Tai Slash of Sword 2 Mod

Fight the enemy for life

Slash of Sword 2 Mod takes you to bloody and fierce battles. Here you will fight the enemy for life. The war that breaks out will entail a lot of consequences, you can only continue to fight to survive. Once you give up that ideal, you will surely lose your life and cannot survive in this harsh environment. Over time, your enemies get stronger and stronger, with higher attack power. So, in order to continue to survive, you need to hone your combat experience from previous matches and come up with a suitable strategy. Combined with upgrading the character’s strength and equipping weapons, it will increase combat power.Game Slash of Sword 2 Mod

Weapons and power-ups

Equipping yourself with a powerful weapon is an advantage, giving you a chance to win every match. Slash of Sword 2 Mod provides players with a wide range of modern and high-damage weapons. You can choose for yourself a sharp sword. Along with the outfit and iron shield to protect the whole body and increase defense. In addition to equipping weapons, you also have to upgrade the strength of the character. With a series of powerful skills, you can become an invincible warrior. Depending on your fighting style, you can make your character a master of the sword. Use versatile skills, to defeat enemies with speed and win. Besides, players can change the character’s appearance such as hairstyle or beard.Slash of Sword 2 Mod apk

The control system of Slash of Sword 2 Mod is very easy. You just need to perform touches and swipes on the screen to control the character. The left side of the screen displays a virtual key in the form of a joystick, which is used to move the character. The right side of the screen includes icons such as swords, shields, for you to attack or defend. Going through each battle, you need to hone your experience and fighting style. Because your enemies will get stronger and stronger. Please control the character flexibly and skillfully to complete the task. Slash of Sword 2 Mod is designed with sharp graphics, carefully polished images. Characters are portrayed strongly and there are many facial expressions. The natural scenery is designed to be realistic, bringing a sense of closeness to the player. Combined with sound quality that is realistically expressed through every step,

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