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Update October 8, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Smashing Rush Mod has an interesting racing style. The game is published by Cold Soda, which is an Arcade title. Bring players to participate in a fascinating entertainment world. By controlling the character, use skillful skills to overcome the obstacles ahead. Reach the finish line safely and win. In particular, you will be able to watch a beautiful sunset in the afternoon. Roaming on the rooftops, enjoying the exciting moments that the game brings. Currently, players can experience the game on iOS and Android applications. Along with that, the game has attracted a lot of participants, because of the simple gameplay. On the Google Play app alone, the game has attracted more than 5 million installs. And received a lot of positive feedback from the audience.

Download Smashing Rush Mod – Overcome Obstacles and Reach the Finish

The gameplay of Smashing Rush Mod is quite simple, you will quickly get used to the game in just a short time. In addition, the control system of the game is the same as other scene games. The right corner of the device screen, showing a virtual key to help the character jump. By pressing once, the character will jump at a close distance. In necessary cases, you can quickly press twice in succession. Then the character can perform a double jump with a longer distance. Next, the right side of the screen shows a virtual key. This is an attack skill, used at critical times to help you overcome obstacles easily. For example, when you encounter a wall in front of you, which you feel unable to jump over. Then click on that virtual mountain to break the wall and keep moving.Smashing Rush Mod

Scenery gameplay

Join the game, your task is to control the character to safely overcome the obstacles on the road. However, in that journey, there will be many challenges for you to overcome. Requires players to have a keen observation skill and the ability to react quickly. At first, Smashing Rush Mod will take you to a few simple levels. Helps you get used to the gameplay and tempo of the match. After a while, the difficulty of the game will increase gradually as you complete the previous level and move on to the next level. At this time, the obstacles will appear more and more unexpected. Along with that, the pace of the game screen will increase, making you feel like you are spinning.Download Smashing Rush Mod

Various missions

Besides, Smashing Rush Mod has a series of diverse tasks for you to complete. At each level, the system will make a request for you to complete that goal. For example, jump 3 times in a row, smash 2 walls or overcome obstacles quickly. In addition, the gold coins will appear on the course of your scene. Let’s collect it as much as possible, to use in times of need. After completing the level, you will receive a reward corresponding to the achievement achieved. Using that money, you will have the opportunity to unlock many other interesting characters. Or buy support items, help you during the scene.Tai Smashing Rush Mod

Character system

Smashing Rush Mod game owns more than 21 characters. If you are a lover of the cold of the South Pole, you can choose a snowman. Or fall in love with the powerful superhero, which can unlock Batman. Or the player can own a scary Zombie. Besides, there are many other characters such as Bruce Lee, Deadpool, Power Ranger, etc. Each character is shaped differently and has its own style. There are two payment methods, so you can unlock the graphics. It’s cash and virtual currency. There are also some special characters that also have interesting effects, giving players a more exciting feeling when participating. Game Smashing Rush Mod

For players to have exciting moments and experience the best way. Download the Mod version on our page, you will enjoy the exciting unlimited money feature. Using that money, you can unlock all your favorite characters. Besides, Smashing Rush Mod is graphically designed on a 3D platform. The image quality is bright, with the same background with many different colors. Create fun characters with diverse styles, helping you not to get bored after a while of experience. Combined with fun sounds, expressed through the lively and exciting background music.

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