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Smashy Duo has a pretty interesting storyline, extremely interesting. I’m sure you’ll be hooked when you read it for the first time. The story is about a modern city, everything is going very normally. Suddenly there is a dark force with an extremely aggressive zombie army coming to attack people. All the people were extremely panicked and scared. This bloodthirsty army always wants to attack and eat people. They appear anywhere, as soon as they see someone, they will immediately rush over. You, along with a group of other lucky people, are still alive. Use the combat weapons, guns, and a variety of other equipment that the system provides. Defeat all enemies and win, bringing safety to the world. Control your character to move, attack properly.

Download Smashy Duo Mod – Shoot to destroy the bloodthirsty zombie army

Smashy Duo Mod has very simple gameplay, but it is easy to make gamers feel addicted. Immerse yourself in super classic, dramatic battles. Face dozens, hundreds, even thousands of bloodthirsty zombies. Equip your army with the best quality weapons and guns. Combined with flexible, precise movements to defeat your opponent. The character system is rich and diverse, players are free to choose for themselves a favorite hero. Each person will have their own unique appearance, design, and unique style. A special feature that you have never seen in any gameplay of the same genre is that children also participate in combat. The weapon that every gamer when he first enters the game will be used is the injection. It contains zombie countermeasures.

Smashy Duo mod


Gameplay has more than 50 different difficulty levels for gamers to challenge themselves. With 130 levels in many locations distributed throughout the city. You will be provided with a complete and detailed system of important information sources. To be able to help overcome according to the strategy, the plan has been set. On this journey, you will face a series of machine balls. They will attack automatically when they see the player appear. Be careful, move and observe all activities. If you let the ball hit them, you will have to start the game again from the starting line.

Smashy Duo game mod apk for android

Unique character

The characters in Smashy Duo Mod are called by the common name here. They will still have a separate name to distinguish them. In total, there are more than 100 choices for you to experience, do not feel bored, too familiar. Each hero has their own set of skills and powers. For example The ability to move quickly, fast reload speed, high defense index. Equip your army with the best quality armor and weapons. Customize your appearance to your liking, making a difference in your own style. Pay attention to the amount of health that your character has in the process of fighting. Don’t let the hero run out of HP.

Smashy Duo mod apk

Attractive rewards

Every time you attack and defeat an enemy, you will receive a bonus, equipment, and items from the system. It is a gift to create a source of poison for the warriors to try and make more efforts in each battle. The more difficult the level, the more valuable the reward. At the same time, you will also receive some extremely useful items and items. Use it as a support tool for the battle process, the way ahead. Try to conquer every peak, the noblest and prestigious gift in the game.

Graphics and sound

The graphics of Smashy Duo are designed to be relatively simple but extremely beautiful. Every small detail is simulated in the most elaborate and accurate way. Although not too impressive, too outstanding, the gameplay still gives gamers the best experience. Along with that is the high-quality sound background. You will hear the groans and screams of bloodthirsty zombies. Exciting, dramatic background music makes players more excited and excited.

Smashy Duo mod

The community of Smashy Duo game players is growing higher and higher. Because the publisher is constantly updating with new modes and features. More attractive and unique for players to experience for a long time without getting bored. Along with that are valuable gifts and special challenges that will give gamers a more fierce fighting motivation. Transform into a heroic warrior, attack and defeat all zombies. Choose 2 characters suitable for each stage. Download Smashy Duo Mod fight to the last minute and win.

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