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Become a shoe designer in Sneaker Craft Mod. Here, you play the role of a shoe store manager. A luxurious space, accompanied by shoe shelves with lots of empty positions. Your task is to design the most beautiful and unique shoes. Put them on shoe shelves to sell to customers. Fill your shoe store with a variety of shoes such as sports shoes, sneakers, etc. However, filling the shoe racks is a process. Requires your creativity and color selection experience. Create impressive shoes, make customers feel satisfied at first sight. Gradually, as your shoe store becomes famous. It is a shopping destination for many new and old customers. From there, you will make your dream of becoming a rich boss come true.

Download Sneaker Craft Mod – Become a Professional Shoe Designer

The gameplay of Sneaker Craft Mod has an idle style. The interface is easy to use, giving you a pleasant experience. Your task is to design each pair of shoes to put them on the shelf. Go through the steps one at a time to complete the design of a pair of shoes. From the design to the painting, canning. Everything requires creativity, combining your color matching skills. From there, you can design a shoe as desired. As you paint the shoes, keep an eye out for the progress bar. Fill in the different parts of the shoes with full color and you will complete the progress bar. And move on to the next stages.Game Sneaker Craft Mod

Bonuses earned from designing shoes

Each pair of shoes in Sneaker Craft Mod has its own value, after placing them anywhere on the shoe rack. You can sell to customers, receive the corresponding amount. Not only that, every time you finish designing a pair of shoes, you also get a bonus. It is up to your completion schedule to meet the requirements of that shoe. That will determine how much you get. Reach the maximum number of stars, complete all the requirements of that shoe. You will get the maximum bonus.Ear Sneaker Craft Mod

The process of designing a pair of shoes

The design process of a shoe in Sneaker Craft Mod takes place in stages. Starting from the first stage, design the style of the shoes. Choose the sole, heel, toe, and shape of the body. Moving on to stage two, design the colors of the shoes. You use paint pens to make coloring tools. Select the appropriate colors on the color box, then paint on each part of the shoes. Once you’ve finished coloring the shoes, you’ll move on to the lacing part. Can be tied high or low depending on your design, as long as the thick pair has the most suitable design. Finally, choose the type of shoe box and pack them carefully. Place it on any empty spot on the shoe rack in the store. After the shoe design process is complete. The system will evaluate your achievements through the number of stars. Along with the requirements that the shoes need to meet. Then you will get the corresponding bonus.Sneaker Craft Mod

Repair shoes for customers

Besides designing new shoe models. You are also a shoe repairman of Sneaker Craft Mod. Customers will be the ones to bring old shoes over time. Use the experience of a professional shoemaker. You renew and restore the old paint color. Turn those old shoes into a new pair of shoes. From there will receive customer satisfaction, making them feel happy. At the same time your store will become more and more popular. Known by many for unique shoes.

50 options to upgrade the shop

Not only designing shoes, players also have to upgrade and customize the space in their shoe store. Sneaker Craft Mod offers more than 50 different options for you to upgrade. Typical are walls, signs, benches and other accessories. Each option to upgrade will cost you a certain amount. Use the money earned from selling and designing shoes. You can upgrade the space in your shop. Arrange furniture in a reasonable way, turning the store into luxury.Download Sneaker Craft Mod

Sneaker Craft Mod provides a full range of paint colors needed for you to design shoes. Here you can use paint colors to create hundreds of different combinations. Along with a variety of paint pens for you to explore. For example pens, sprays, pencils and much more. Each type of pen is not only different in design. But they also create effects every time you use them. This helps you feel more enjoyable during the experience.

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