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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)

Inspired by a sniper’s target assassination mission. Publisher Mouse Games brings players Sniper Shot 3D Mod game. This is a game in the action category, with a top-notch shooting style. The game is a perfect combination of assassination and shooting missions. Offers you hundreds of different assassination missions. Along with that is a lot of guns for you to use. From sniper rifles at a distance. To the guns that shoot melee, with high flexibility. Shoot down the target in the most accurate way to complete the mission. From there you will receive new tasks, the difficulty also increases gradually. Complete each challenge, in turn, to assert yourself as a professional shooting assassin.

Download Sniper Shot 3D Mod – Assassinate Criminals In The City

Play as an elite sniper of the police task force in Sniper Shot 3D Mod. You need to shoot a hundred shots to defeat the target. Help the police kill the criminals. Not only that, you are carrying a heavy burden on your shoulders. With the mission to destroy terrorists and criminals in the city. They do not stop carrying out illegal activities, even robbing property and killing people. I am a sniper of the special forces. You will have to defeat all the criminals, keep order for the city to be peaceful. Show shooting skills, combine equipped guns. Shoot the target accurately to knock them down with a single lead bullet.Download Sniper Shot 3D Mod

Graphics and sound design

The graphic design of Sniper Shot 3D Mod is built on a 3D foundation. Set in a city, with its surroundings depicted extremely realistically. The game uses a first-person perspective, giving you a more realistic experience. Shapes of criminals are designed in many different styles of dress. Combine the movement of each character. The same slow-motion effect when you fire the last bullet in a mission. It is possible to track every movement of the bullet flying towards the target. As well as observing the scene of the target being defeated, blood shoots out from the location of the bullet hit. Besides, the sound is reproduced very realistically. Shown by the sound of the gun when reloading, the sound emitted when the trigger is pulled and when the target is hit.Game Sniper Shot 3D Mod

More than 100 missions, taking place in many locations

The background of Sniper Shot 3D Mod opens in a large city. Here, the game provides more than 100 missions for you to perform. Your target is criminals, terrorist elements. Each mission takes place, the target appears at many different locations on the map. From the inner corners of the city to the rooftops of high-rise buildings. Sometimes, your mission is to assist the police in killing criminals. They are hiding behind cars to fight the police. You hide in a convenient, safe location. Shoot accurately to kill each criminal. Help the police force complete the hunt. From there, you will complete missions and continue to new assassinations.Sniper Shot 3D Mod

Mission in each assassination

During the mission of a sniper in Sniper Shot 3D Mod. You need to take down the required number of criminals to complete the mission. They do not stand still in place to give you time to aim. Which will move, making you difficult, very easy to miss. If you want to complete the task in the best way. You need to achieve two factors, that is time and accuracy. Kill each enemy consecutively with each pull of the trigger, completing the mission in the shortest time. Besides, use the zoom feature to assist you in aiming. Touch, hold, and swipe upwards to enlarge the view. Can aim accurately at a target from a long distance.Ear Sniper Shot 3D Mod

Sniper Shot 3D Mod has a total of 15 different guns for you to explore. Some typical guns such as M29, KAR98K, … and many more. Each gun is designed with its own design, as well as the ability to use is not the same. For example, sniper rifles are used in assassination missions from a distance. Pistols are often used in close-quarters assassinations. At the same time, each gun is shown its own stats. Includes damage, reload time, launch, stability, and size. If you want your gun to become better. You can use the money to upgrade, increase the stats for guns. Help you to defeat the target in the next assassination missions.

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