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Update October 13, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Snipers vs Thieves Mod is an action game provided by the publisher Playstack. With an interesting shooting style, players will have an unforgettable experience. Players can download on iOS and Android platforms easily and without any purchase fees. On the Google Play app alone, the game has attracted more than 10 million downloads. And received more than 40 thousand positive reviews from the audience. In a busy city, there will always be a need for people to keep order that is the police. Along with that, criminals will also appear with ambition and loot. They often break into banks, banks to rob large amounts of money, even just one robbery can spend a lifetime. Inspired by that, the game takes you to exciting city battles.

Download Snipers vs Thieves Mod – Join the Band of Thieves to Make a Successful Mission

As soon as you enter the game you will see a dramatic scene taking place. Here appeared 4 bandits wearing full masks, they exploded a grenade to break the big door of the bank. A group of four robbers robbed a lot of money and valuables from the bank. From afar, a mysterious vehicle appears, you can see that they have split up to move but focus on that car. This is where the accomplices are waiting for them to come and hide. However, a gunshot caused their action to fail. A guy with a shotgun in his hand, with the task of destroying them before successfully boarding the car.Game Snipers vs Thieves Mod

Interesting gameplay

The gameplay of Snipers vs Thieves Mod is very attractive, you will participate in attractive battles with many other players around the world. Here the system will take you to participate in the war as a sniper or bandit. For the Thief role, the player will join three teammates to participate in the robbery. Then your task after the robbery is to safely move to the car waiting at the end of the road. However, it is not easy at all, because you will have to find a way to avoid the sniper’s bullets. So you need to use your dodging skills or have a smart strategy to get to a safe position. During the move, you can create tricks for the opponent. By creating illusions, fake dummies, performing acrobatic skills, or even hiding behind solid objects.Snipers vs Thieves Mod APK

Enter Sniper

Besides, when playing the role of Sniper, the player will become an excellent sniper. Your gameplay is quite simple, like normal shooting games. Here you will be provided with a sniper rifle, hold it in your hand, and perform your task. By aiming properly and pulling the trigger to defeat the bandits moving to a safe location. However, you need to have good observation and aiming skills to complete the task. Because the bandits are very smart, they will create a phase of fire to escape from your gun. Normally the enemy will be killed when hit by 2 bullets, but if you can aim properly at his head, only 1 bullet is needed. Besides, you need to pay attention to the green arrows displayed on the game screen. That could be their hiding place, because large objects, like cars,Snipers vs Thieves Mod

Smart Tactics

In the role of Thief, the player who wants to win will need to have a smart strategy with his teammates. The task of the group of robbers is to have at least one person move to the safety car. In case your team falls down, pick up the dropped coins and keep moving. Because the money you bring to the car waiting at the end of the road will be the money you earn. Besides, Snipers vs Thieves Mod provides players with a diverse gun system. You can then use the money you earn to unlock your favorite gun. And buy support items such as fast, agile, dummy to trick soldiers into shooting loads. In addition, you can use skills to run, increase speed and teleport, to quickly move to a safe location.Tai Snipers vs Thieves Mod

To give players the most enjoyable experience, Snipers vs Thieves Mod provides players with unlimited money. Then you can freely unlock all your favorite guns. Or buy support items, help achieve higher efficiency in the game screen. Besides, Snipers vs Thieves Mod is designed with 3D graphics, with an interesting cartoon style. The image quality is meticulously polished to help you feel more comfortable. Create fun, humorous characters to give players a feeling of closeness. Combined with vivid sound quality, expressed through the interesting background music. Or the realistic gunfire makes players more excited to participate.

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