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Special Ops 2020 Mod opens the ultimate FPS shooting wars. The game is designed from a first-person perspective. With open gameplay, you can move freely on the battlefield. Battles take place in real-time. Before completing the assigned task. You will have to compete fiercely to protect yourself. Any enemy that appears, is a danger to your life. Therefore, it can be said that skill is one of the main factors. Has a great influence on the outcome of the battle. This is an action role-playing game. Combined between the two elements of role-playing and graphics. Create an extremely realistic combat environment. Here, you will become an excellent shooter. With the goal of sweeping all enemies to become the best shooter in the world.

Download Special Ops 2020 Mod – Ultimate FPS Shooting Battles

As soon as you join the Special Ops 2020 Mod game. In front of you is an extremely impressive space. Thanks to the 3D graphics provided by the publisher. Combined with sharp image quality, realistic character creation, and weapons. Especially the environment where FPS battles take place. Recreated is very realistic, from the landscape, the vehicles, to the constructions. Everything will give you the feeling of being immersed in real battles. Along with the flexible movement of the characters on the battlefield. In addition, the gunshot effect will make you even more excited. Mixed with lively sound, expressed through gunfire. Every time a grenade is thrown, it will explode. Sound quality is flexibly changed, suitable for ongoing activities.Special Ops 2020 Mod

Gun system

Similar to other FPS role-playing games. Weapons are one of the indispensable elements. Here, Special Ops 2020 Mod provides a diverse collection of guns. With a lot of guns with great damage, divided into many different types. Like sniper rifles, shotguns, automatic rifles. Along with some types of weapons to support in the battle. For example, grenades can attack enemies in hidden corners. Or using it when needed can save your life. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. To exploit the full potential of each gun. You need to learn in detail each type, with their mechanism of action. From there, it can be used flexibly during battles. For example, automatic rifles, with the advantage of high mobility. Can attack flexibly whenever the enemy appears unexpectedly.Download Special Ops 2020 Mod

Various maps

The map system of Special Ops 2020 Mod is very diverse. Held at various locations. The background of the maps is designed based on the real environment. Lots of maps for you to explore such as in the prison, small town, desert area, in the forest, warehouse. There are many more maps happening at many other locations that will appear as you progress further. Each map is a battlefield, with many tasks to perform. The environment of each map is not the same. In it, the terrain can affect your battle. However, this is also an advantage for professional shooters. Learn and master the terrain taking place during the war. Will help you fight more flexibly. As well as hiding more quickly, thanks to the surrounding environment and terrain.Game Special Ops 2020 Mod

Gameplay, destroy the enemy

The battle in Special Ops 2020 Mod takes place in real-time. Take part in multiplayer battles. You and your teammates compete with other players on the battlefield. Use the equipped guns to attack the opposing force. For each shooter killed, the opposing team will gain points. At the same time will be resurrected for a certain period of time. Then continue to fight with teammates. The battle only stops until the time is up. The system will be based on the number of points achieved by the 2 teams to determine the winner. To be able to win in dramatic and fierce battles. Your team needs to take down as many enemies as possible. Get a good score, with a higher score than the opposing team. From there will become the winning team, the members will receive regular money.Tai Special Ops 2020 Mod

During the battles at Special Ops 2020 Mod. Besides coordinating with teammates to attack tactically. Personal skills are also important. Requires you to constantly improve your shooting ability. Cultivate a richer combat experience, through the wars. You can view the mini-map to know your current location. As well as detecting moving directions around. From there, it is possible to judge dangerous positions where the enemy may appear. At the same time, change weapons flexibly, in accordance with the ongoing situation.

Download Special Ops 2020 APK 1.1.8

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