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Squad Alpha is the most prominent name in the field of action games on Mobile. Super classic, fun gun battles between tiny characters. You will play as the commander of a special task force specializing in destroying monsters. Everywhere in this developed city, there are bad guys. They have hot weapons, extremely dangerous to use to intimidate people. These names belong to the most dangerous gangster in the world. Therefore, to destroy them, it is necessary to use the most modern and advanced weapons. The latest guns in the world are also included in this gameplay. Equip your character with specialized armor for combat soldiers. To be able to reduce damage when attacked by enemies. If you feel that the weapon is not strong enough, you can proceed to upgrade. Increases damage, fire rate, etc…

Download Squad Alpha Mod – Super classic gun battle

Although the publisher has only revealed a little bit of information about the gameplay and content of Squad Alpha Mod. But the gamers were very excited, looking forward to each day, looking forward to the super product being announced. Simple gameplay, extremely attractive. The challenges are not so difficult that you have to think and find a way to overcome them. The game begins, when you move to the enemy’s territory. Immediately all will come and attack you. There is a special thing that the enemy does not have a weapon to attack from a distance. They can only wield swords, knives, hammers, etc…. Approaching you can only deal damage. Don’t give them a chance to do this. Quickly take out the gun and destroy the enemy from afar. Many modern guns, with great damage. With just 1 bullet, the enemy has to lie down. However, things are not that simple. Go to a higher level, will appear monsters with great defense. Dozens of consecutive bullets shot at people also did not defeat them. It takes a smart strategy and battle plan to win.

Squad Alpha mod apk

Modern gun arsenal

Squad Alpha Mod has many modern gun models, popular in today’s shooting games. Each type has 1 characteristic, its own damage level. There are guns that have a very slow fire rate, but just need 1 bullet to kill the enemy immediately. If you like a slightly faster discharge rate, the machine gun, m298, ak47 is a reasonable choice. When you go to higher levels, face a stronger boss, upgrade your gun. Increases damage, fire rate, and stability. Do not let the enemy get close, have a chance to attack you. If you don’t want to upgrade, you can unlock new guns that have more attack power and damage. Of course, the price of those guns is not cheap at all. Try to win in each level, collect bonuses, buy guns you like.

Squad Alpha game mod

Collect items

At each level, you will see a blue box containing a lot of valuable items. For example Gold coins, guns, energy bottles, etc… However, there are enemies around, very strict patrolling. If you want to get that number of items, you have no choice but to destroy and defeat all the guards. Use grenades to throw at the enemy base. When they see you, they will immediately rush to attack and will no longer guard and protect the box. At this point, the player will have 2 options: 1 is to destroy all the enemies and then open the chest. 2 is to move quickly, collect all the items and get on the elevator through the screen. Depending on the number of enemies and the situation, choose the most suitable way.

Squad Alpha mod hack game

Unique character

The character image in the game is designed extremely uniquely and fancy. The character’s face has no eyes, nose, mouth, etc… Everything is pure white, flat, nothing protrudes. Moreover, the size is very small, the appearance looks like a snowman. This is a unique point, completely different from other games of the same genre. This has helped the gameplay to attract more players. The inventory of characters is very diverse, but they all have one thing in common, a white body. But you can customize and change the costumes for your character.

Squad Alpha mod apk

For those of you who love the fun-style shooting action game genre, try the Squad Alpha experience. The gameplay is simple, attracting players from the first time. There are not many control keys displayed on the screen. You only need to do 2 operations: Control the character to move and shoot to destroy the enemy. Use and combine these two factors flexibly to create a spectacular victory. Download Squad Alpha Mod fun shooting action game.

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