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Update October 8, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Money increases on spending

Staff! – Job Game Mod is a simulation game provided by the publisher SayGames. Get inspired by the work in daily life. Players will enter a simulated world, with the task of performing different jobs over a period of time. The game gives you interesting experiences, by performing many different jobs. Help characters develop themselves and learn practical skills. Although the gameplay is quite simple, it makes a lot of people feel attractive. Currently, the game is free to download on iOS and Android platforms. With the number of downloads up to more than 10 million downloads and received a lot of positive feedback.

Download Staff! – Job Game Mod – Build Your Dream House

The story revolves around the main character in Staff! – Job Game Mod has to do many different jobs to build the dream house. By joining the game you will become a waiter, performing many different tasks. At first, the system will provide the player with an old car as a means of transportation. Your job is very diverse, from cleaning the house, serving the restaurant. Become a firefighter to fight fires, even put boxes in their rightful place. Your main goal is to live happily with the woman in the house of your dreams. However, to do that, players need to work hard and try a lot to make that dream come true.Download Staff! - Job Game Mod

Interesting gameplay

Staff! – Job Game Mod will give you a house, but this is just the basic framework. To be able to stay and enjoy a happy life with his woman. You will have to earn a lot of money to buy and upgrade equipment in the house. However, unlike other games, you can buy whatever you want first. Then here, people will have to buy each item in turn that the system offers. For example, after completing the task you will receive a corresponding payment. Returning to your house, the system will display 3 flower pots with different prices for you to choose from. Based on the amount of money available, players can buy a flower vase that they love. Or the power outlet is broken, you will have to spend 100 money to be able to fix them.Game Staff! - Job Game Mod

Shopping for things

Besides, the player can notice every time the character buys something for the house. They will jump in joy, now you can choose a beautiful moment to remember. Each room will have a lot of items that you need to buy. Including tables and chairs, television, refrigerator, … after purchasing enough equipment. Staff! – Job Game Mod will unlock the next room for you to continue the experience. Along with that, players can raise a pet, they will help you take care of the house when you are away. In some cases, players will have to be agile to handle the situation. For example, the cooking table is on fire, now you need to quickly put out the fire so that it does not spread to other objects.Tai Staff! - Job Game Mod

thrifty spending

In Staff! – Job Game Mod players will not be alone. Every day will take place a lot of interesting activities, along with that you will have relationships. And have the opportunity to exchange and exchange goods. Besides money is a very important factor, you need to use it appropriately and purposefully. Because there’s so much to spend, and making money is hard. So before buying something, you need to calculate if the value it brings is appropriate. In addition, the game will help you feel a real-life full of difficulties and hardships. Only hard work and unremitting efforts can achieve success.Staff! - Job Game Mod APK

Graphic design

Staff! – Job Game Mod is graphically designed in 3D. The picture quality is carefully refined, giving you an enjoyable experience. Along with that attractive interface with a variety of colors. The objects are carefully designed, you can see such as sofa set, gas kitchen table, stairs, dining room, … Create characters in stickman cartoon style, combining moving effects flexible. Give players a feeling of comfort and closeness. In addition, the sound is designed on lively and fun background music.Staff! - Job Game Mod

When downloading the Mod version of the game Staff! – Job Game players will experience an unlimited money feature. Using that money you will quickly complete your dream house. By purchasing equipment and upgrading facilities. That will help you have a happy life in the house that you have tried to build. Besides, the game is entertaining, helping you to have moments of relaxation and entertainment when participating. Download Staff! – Job Game Mod to experience life with many interesting things waiting for you.

Download Staff! – Job Game Mod APK 1.2.7 (Unlimited Money)

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