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Making delicious and beautiful dishes is almost everyone’s dream. It’s great to be able to become a professional master chef. Make thousands of unique and attractive dishes. When coming to Star Chef, players will experience it in the most authentic way. Around the kitchen where you cook will always be covered by the sweet aroma and extremely eye-catching decoration from the dishes. Don’t worry about ingredients or food, they are sold in abundance from the shops right next door. In addition, players can plant more trees around their shop to better decorate their appearance. Here, players have to create their own unique dishes to build a brand and reputation for the store. However, do not worry too much when you are not confident about your cooking ability. Because the system will still provide you with basic recipes to serve customers every day. If you want the restaurant to be more crowded, you must create unique and delicious dishes yourself. So do your best and don’t let the guests down. When you earn a certain amount. Upgrade and expand your restaurant to attract people to the experience even more.

Download Star Chef Mod – Become a professional chef

To grow from an amateur chef to a cooking master will have to go through a lot of difficulties and efforts. So try your best and practice hard to create the desired results. Satisfy every customer and serve with a friendly attitude to earn a 5-star rating. In addition, players can also recruit more staff so as not to waste too much time and upset customers. Each person will take their own position. Such as Washing dishes, waiters, receptionists, etc. All dishes from premium to popular, vegetarian, etc. are available in your shop. Regularly participate in cooking competitions and do your best to take home the title of the best chef in the world. Create countless delicious and unique dishes that make customers admire.

Star Chef mod

Food source

In order to produce good quality dishes, we must first choose the freshest and most nutritious ingredients. So that everything I create will be absolutely safe. If you do not trust the vegetables next to you, you can manually grow them in the back of the garden and harvest them for the cooking process. There will be a professional gardener to help you take care of and grow the plants you require. Just wait for a certain time to have a lot of fresh vegetables already. Of course, being able to supply ingredients for your own store will reduce the cost of buying food from outside. Harvest and preserve ingredients to ensure the best freshness.

Star Chef mod apk

Restaurant decoration

There will be many items in the system’s collection that can make your store more luxurious and beautiful. The higher the level increases, the more you will unlock, then you can freely choose. Start by expanding the area, then put more tables and chairs so that your customers don’t have to wait. Decorate with more trees, lights, fish tanks, etc. to make your store more eye-catching. Next is the kitchen, where you work the most. Add essential cooking utensils, clocks to tell time, and more. There are also countless things for you to explore and decorate to your liking. Let’s start to experience and enjoy these interesting things right away.

Game Star Chef mod

Connect and exchange friends

Coming to Star Chef Mod, you will not feel bored when you have to work alone. Players are allowed to invite more friends and exchange with other players on the system. There you and everyone will help each other, buy the enemy’s ingredients in an urgent situation. You can also visit your friends’ restaurants in this game. Race each other to reach the highest level within the contracted time. Updated every day so that your restaurant menu is full of new foods, many different tastes. Let’s exchange and decorate the store so that it is beautiful and attractive to attract customers, turning this place into a bustling and brilliant city with bright lights.

Modern restaurant construction

As the owner and manager of everything, making the restaurant more and more modern and upscale is an indispensable thing. Initially, it was just a simple kitchen, so the equipment and utensils used in your restaurant need to be upgraded to improve the food. Each time you reach a new level, you will receive extremely attractive rewards. It will help you develop dishes with more novelty. And don’t forget to properly train your staff. Having a large number of employees will help you earn more income. Delicious food, novelty, quick service, will surely satisfy your precious guests.

Star Chef mod apk

With your passion for cooking, constantly innovate to create the most unique and delicious dishes. Build a brand to become famous. Devise a business strategy to earn huge profits. Participate in cooking competitions and win the first prize so that your name can lead the leaderboard. Being able to discover delicious food in the world through just one game is a great thing. Download Star Chef Mod to become the master of the culinary scene.

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