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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)

Star Warfare Mod belongs to the Arcade action game genre. Bringing an attractive shooting style, bringing you to dramatic battles. Your enemies are space monsters. The plot to invade Earth to exploit resources. You play as a warrior who will stop the terrifying plot of monsters. Use modern, advanced crafted weapons as combat tools. Attack monsters, destroy all enemies to keep the Earth at peace. Intense, dramatic battles are waiting for you ahead. Just one small mistake will cost you. Take advantage of all the abilities of a space warrior. Survive in a harsh environment. As well as completing the task in the best way.

Download Star Warfare Mod – The War To Protect The Earth From Alien Monsters

The control interface of Star Warfare Mod is quite simple but extremely unique. The moving system and the firing system are all used virtual Joystick keys. Displayed on both sides of the screen, making it easy to control. If you want to move, just tap, hold and swipe on the right screen. Similarly, the attack system also only needs to touch and swipe to control the gun’s firing direction. Besides, you can use the items equipped with. They are placed in the center of the screen, these are support items. In general, the control mechanism of the game is not too complicated. Depending on the situation at hand, you need a flexible combination of control keys.Star Warfare Mod

Realistic graphics and sounds

Graphics of the game Star Warfare Mod are built by the publisher on the 3D platform. Realistic environment expressed through surrounding objects. The shaping of the character is space robot style. Because equipped with armor to be able to operate in space. The shapes of the monsters are very scary, with many different types. Combined with a flexible third-person perspective. Makes it easy to see everything around you. Along with the blood effect when the monster is destroyed. Designed quite impressively, leaving a feeling of enjoyment. Besides, sound is a factor that helps players feel more excited during the battle. The sound of your bullets when attacking enemies. Or the explosion when the enemy is destroyed.Tai Star Warfare Mod

Style play

The setting of Star Warfare Mod opens on a battlefield in space. With open-ended gameplay, you can move freely on the map. Can perform various actions to fight. Just kill the enemy to save a life. Using the equipped weapon, attack the monsters that appear on the battlefield. Fire bullets continuously to make them destroyed. Combine attack tactics to be more effective. Attack while moving so as not to lose blood. As well as not being surrounded by enemies, making it more difficult for you to fight. At the same time, the difficulty of the game will increase gradually every time you step into a new level. Therefore, it is necessary to improve shooting and combat skills to be able to complete the mission.Download Star Warfare Mod

Single-player mode and team mode

With 2 main game modes including single-player mode and team mode. Each mode of Star Warfare Mod takes you to dramatic battles. With different gameplay and environments, you will have an impressive experience. For single-player mode, your enemies are Al monsters. They take on many different shapes, meaning the abilities of each monster are also different. Here you can challenge yourself in 36 levels of play. Each level will gradually increase from easy to difficult. Besides, the team mode brings you to the online battle. With 7 maps and 42 quests to explore. You can fight with friends or solo with other players. No matter what mode you play, after completing the mission, you will receive a bonus. From there you can upgrade your character and unlock new weapons.Game Star Warfare Mod

Diverse weapon system with 36 different types. Examples include rifles, machine guns, bazookas, bows, and more. Each weapon in Star Warfare Mod is designed with an impressive appearance. Color, style, and especially the ability to attack. Can fight flexibly to destroy the enemy. Along with that, you can upgrade weapons to new levels. Each weapon can be upgraded up to 8 times. However, after each upgrade, the amount to upgrade for the next time will increase. But you can deal massive amounts of damage to enemies. Especially at the later levels, when the difficulty, the enemy’s attack ability increases. Failure to upgrade will cause you a lot of difficulties. Even had to die on the battlefield.

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