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You will become a strategist when participating in Mod. This is a strategy game from the publisher CASUAL AZUR GAMES. The game has a cell fighting style that challenges your logic and creativity. The player’s task is to conquer other countries, with the goal of mastering the world. At the same time protect the territory from the invasion of the enemy. Lead a powerful army, make smart tactics, fight the enemy army to win. Everything game is based on your decision, think and calculate carefully before deciding.

Download Mod – Defeat The Enemy Army To Expand The Territory

The fight in Mod is quite simple. No physical warfare, no specific weapons, no actual warriors. Extremely attractive cell war simulation game. Everything in the game is designed with circles, dots, symbols for armies and countries. The main gameplay of the game is strategy. Take players to participate in wars for territory, expanding the Mod

Use Tactics

In Mod strategy is a very important factor. If you want to win battles, you need to come up with smart tactics. The game requires the ability to think, use the mind to have the best solutions. Your decision will directly affect the battle, it is shown as soon as the battle ends. Therefore, before making a decision, you need to think carefully. Whether the army wins or not depends on your tactics.Game Mod

Open small wars, defend the territory

At first Mod gives you a small country, along with an army. In the early stages, it is quite difficult, because your army is too weak. Therefore, it is not possible to participate in brutal wars with powerful countries. Therefore, you can only open wars with a few countries that have equal military forces. Use smart tactics, defeat opponents to expand the territory. Besides, don’t forget to protect the country’s borders. There are many enemies who want to expand their territory, they will find a way to take your country. So be very careful, because the enemy army can attack at any time. More than that, you need to have a backup combat solution, ready to confront the enemy if they invade the country.Download Mod

Defeat the enemy army

Each country in Mod has an army stationed. If you want to take a country, you need to destroy the entire army that is defending that territory. However, things are not that simple. If you want to destroy the army of a certain country, it requires your army to be more than the enemies. Otherwise, you will not only be defeated but also lose territory. In addition, you can gather forces from many other territories to attack the same country.

Lots of countries

The map of Mod is extremely large. Along with many different countries. Each country has its own symbol, along with a powerful fighting army. The stronger the country, the larger the territory. Each country is marked with a random number, they represent military force. You can choose countries with a small fighting force, open the war and take the territory. At the same time, each country has its own color, making it easy to observe and recognize.Tai Mod

Simple graphics Mod is a strategy game that requires thinking and strategy mainly. So the graphics of Mod are quite simple. Nothing outstanding. The game only designs some basic colors to divide territories and countries. Some symbols such as circles, squares, flowers, crowns, etc. are simply depicted. They represent symbols of nations. In addition, the control system is also very easy to use. You just need to touch and swipe on the screen to perform activities or open the battle.

Overall, Mod is an interesting simulation game. Requires high tactics and creativity. If you want to win to expand your territory, you need to have a smart strategy. Attack another territory effectively, destroy the entire force of the enemy army. However, in addition to attacking, you also have to find ways to protect your territory. Because the enemy can attack at any time.

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