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Stay Alive Mod is inspired by post-apocalyptic fantasy Zombie wars. This is an action game genre, with a survival style. Your mission is to find a way to survive in a harsh world. At the same time use weapons to fight the Zombies, destroy all of them. Publisher Pixel Force Ltd has built the game based on the story, promising to bring you great entertainment moments. Along with very realistically designed graphics, the characters and environments are depicted in great detail.

Download Stay Alive Mod – Survival in the Post-Apocalypse Environment

Set in a post-apocalyptic setting. A strange disease appeared, they quickly spread to a large area, causing many people to lose their lives. Especially those who die, become Zombies, and go everywhere to find life. Some people are lucky to survive, fighting to protect themselves from the onslaught of zombies. By joining Stay Alive Mod you will play as a powerful warrior. Use weapons on hand, with the task of destroying all Zombies to survive. The battle is extremely fierce, you need to gain experience and improve your fighting skills to confront the Stay Alive Mod

Interesting gameplay

The gameplay of Stay Alive Mod is similar to other survival games. Starting from finding resources, building shelters, collecting items. Everything happens in turn, requiring your survival skills to survive. In the early stages, the character has nothing in his hand, causing you a lot of difficulties. Over time, the character’s health will decrease, quickly find food sources to maintain life. In a harsh environment, you can lose your life at any time. Therefore, you cannot wander forever on this dangerous land. Your character needs time to rest to recover energy. Therefore, building a house as a shelter is very important. You can collect wood, stone, necessary materials to start building the base.

Craft weapons to protect yourself

In Stay Alive Mod, your enemies are not just Zombies, wild animals can be dangerous to you at any time. In order to protect yourself and destroy them, you need to have weapons to make combat tools. Collecting materials such as wood and stone will help you make some rudimentary weapons such as axes and swords. After a while, you can use premium materials to craft powerful weapons. At the same time, they can be used to participate in animal hunts, helping you earn a lot of food.Stay Alive Mod APK

Collect many precious items in the mysterious land

Stay Alive Mod has many different lands. In the process of survival, you have the opportunity to discover mysterious places. They only appear for a certain period of time. At that time, you can collect a lot of valuable and rare items. Using those items, you can develop your character and improve your survival skills. This mysterious place, not everyone has a lucky chance to enter. However, it will quickly disappear and will appear at some point in the future.

Control system

The control mechanism of the Stay Alive Mod is quite simple. You don’t have to spend too much time getting used to the controls. Because it is similar to other survival games. The left side of the screen displays virtual keys, which help you move and navigate the character. Functions such as an attack, pick up items, use food are located in the right corner of the screen. You just need to perform simple operations. Like touching and swiping on the screen to move the character and use the corresponding functions. At the same time in the center of the screen displays treasures, quests, maps, and the blacksmith shop. Depending on your purpose, it is possible to select them for quick use. For example, a blacksmith shop, which helps you craft weapons or costumes.Game Stay Alive Mod

Equip weapons, meet other players

Stay Alive Mod has a lot of weapons like guns, bows, grenades, knives, hammers, axes. Along with some outfits like tops, pants, shoes, and hats. They not only change the character’s appearance but also increase the power stats. Besides, you have the opportunity to meet other players. It is possible for them to exchange items, resources and accompany them in Zombie battles. However, you should be careful with those you encounter. Because not everyone is as good as you think, they are ready to attack and kill you to take all resources.

The graphics of Stay Alive Mod are designed to be very realistic. Built on a sharp 3D foundation, the image quality is carefully polished. At the same time, characters, environments, zombies, wild animals are depicted in detail. Combined with realistic sound quality, expressed through the actions of the character.

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