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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • You can shoot even if you don’t have enough ammo;
  • You can get free items without viewing ads (for example, double rewards after the end of the battle).

Steel Rage MOD is a fairly new car shooting game and brings a new breeze to gamers. Players fight all over the world in this shooter with PvP mode. In the game, you can choose any car you like because they are all free. The gameplay is no longer the dramatic racing screen. Instead, racing cars will participate in fierce battles. Players can customize everything as conveniently for the player as possible. Choose combat vehicles, weapons suitable for the battle of all different modes with reasonable tactics to seize the opportunity in each battle. In addition, you can manually upgrade vehicles and guns according to your style, increasing your ability to fight in all areas. Be a smart player to capture and master all modes.

Download Steel Rage mod – Large Arena

The game is inspired by the idea of ​​a map that is a large world and many large and small islands for players to explore and experience. From desolate places with few people to bustling big cities are also included in the game by the simulation publisher. Explore the vast arena that vividly simulates the panorama of a land. Use the terrain as hiding places and other objects to your advantage in battles. Use smart tactics to fight in hiding from the enemy and make sure the enemy can’t see you don’t give the opponent any chance. Enter your favorite battle vehicle and enter the battle arena.

Steel Rage

Various types of weapons

With a diverse arsenal from light military weapons to the most advanced heavy weapons. Such as common military guns, machine guns, submachine guns, AK47s, rifles, flamethrowers, bombs, and nuclear weapons. Lots of different weapons for you. Choose for yourself the optimal weapons and suit your tactics and playstyle. Choose smart weapons that will help you in any situation and keep you and your teammates safe from dangerous enemies around.

Steel Rage mod

Vehicles and equipment

The publisher put into the game more than 13 different car manufacturers for players to experience. From sedans, SUVs, pickups, muscle cars to sports cars all to serve players. Players can design their own car models. With the given game equipment, the rest is to choose and assemble into a car for yourself. Make smart choices suitable for the battle terrain to gain more advantage, overwhelm your opponent and win. Choose a solid chassis, armored bodywork, offroad tires, upgrade the suspension to a sportier speed, with the SUV being able to lift up to 6 wheels. Powerful weapons and especially choosing the right paint color for the battlefield is a useful camouflage. All equipment is in the hands of the player, Players only need to combine components to become a powerful vehicle.

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Online PvP mode

In PvP mode, players can face many other players around the world. Get tested against a seasoned champion of combat. Be the strongest warrior with the car rushing into all the arenas through the gates, the enemy wins and puts your name on the leaderboard. In this mode, players can team up to invite more friends to the game. The feeling of overcoming challenges with friends will be very interesting and attractive.

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Gameplay and Graphics

Intuitive gameplay gives people realistic sound images. In just a few minutes, you can get used to all that is in the gameplay to conquer the challenges of this game. The challenges in the game will become simple for you to conquer soon. The visuals give you an overview of the battle to make a reasonable strategy. Players can configure their style for convenience in more effective battles. Steel Rage MOD is equipped with 3D graphics, recreating everything in the game quite realistically. Gives you the feeling that your car or skirmishes are sharp, detailed, and thorough. The fierce explosions in each battle are also made very realistic.

game Steel Rage

Steel Rage MOD is aimed at players, giving players a strange feeling when building their own gameplay. With dramatic gun battles. Give players the most exciting and wonderful feeling. Let you experience until you build your own gameplay. Players fight wherever you want the unlimited game for you unrestricted

Download Steel Rage MOD APK 0.181 (Unlimited Ammo)

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