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Update October 26, 2021 (2 years ago)

Stick Wars 2: Battle of Legions belongs to the genre of strategy games with quite simple gameplay, extremely accessible. The main operation you need to do when playing this gameplay is to click on the screen. Just choose how to fight and automatically the army will rush to attack the opponent. A large-scale battle between the red and blue armies. The warriors are designed in a simple, classic style. If you’ve ever seen the ancient killing movies, you’ll find this gameplay has similarities. Collect and direct your army to fight and destroy other enemies. There is no mercy on this battlefield. Match 1 lost, 1 left, try to the last moment. Upgrade your army to higher combat units. Expressed through the number of stars on each person’s head. The maximum number of stars each character can achieve is 5*.

Download Stick Wars 2: Battle of Legions Mod – The battle between the legions of stickmen

The warriors in Stick Wars 2: Battle of Legions Mod is very small in size. Skinny body like stick people. Although it looks small in appearance, its strength is not simple at all. Able to both fight and defend continuously. When you want to buy a new champion, you usually go to the shop section, then select offer. The characters will be displayed in series for players to choose from. You need gems to unlock the warriors you like. Build a strong squad in both attack and defense. Suppress opponents from the very first moments of the match. There is a special thing in the game that you can use gems to buy gold. You only need a small number of gems to get a lot of coins. A lot of good, interesting, and attractive situations for you to experience.

Stick Wars 2 Battle of Legions mod apk

Arrange the lineup for battle

Before starting each match, the system will give you a period of time to arrange and select the starting lineup. Characters are very diverse, with many different types for you to choose from. Depending on the opponent you will meet in the match, choose a reasonable warrior. Because 1 person will have 1 fighting ability for a certain amount of time. After each level, it will take time to recover. So if you meet a weak team, you can send a 3-4* army to battle. Can be combined with 1-2 5-star warriors. When facing a strong squad, strong and intense fighting ability, let’s give a full 7-star squad to the army. For strong enemies, you need to keep a cool head and calmly handle all situations. The situation of the match can be overturned at any time if you are negligent and subjective. If you have a chance to win, take the opportunity now.

Game Stick Wars 2 Battle of Legions mod

Super classic battles

The common point of all strategy games is that the battle time is very long. 1 round takes place over a period of 20 minutes including the formation of the squad. While the match is in progress, you can use some items to support HP recovery for the squad. Or unlock some new warriors, change tactics. The map will display squares for you to arrange positions for the warriors. Let’s see how your opponent’s army goes to battle to be able to build the most appropriate squad. Let the giants, many stars to the front. The advantage of attack power and the ability to defend buffalo will put pressure on the opponent. Unlock gift boxes to get more items, new items. Each time it will cost you more than 400 gems. Please consider and calculate reasonably to ensure the budget is enough to serve the whole match.

Game Stick Wars 2 Battle of Legions mod hack

3D graphics

Although running on 3D graphics, I find the image quality and detail of the game are not very high. The character details and scenes in the game are designed very lightly. Failing to make an impression on players. Especially the characters that look very rough. Classic style is very new, but the publisher has not implemented this great feature well. However, this does not affect the player’s experience too much. Attractive gameplay combined with vibrant sound still creates an attractive feeling for players.

Stick Wars 2 Battle of Legions mod apk

Stick Wars 2 Battle of Legions gives players moments of relaxation and great entertainment. Build a stickman squad and participate in large-scale battles. Confront other players. Compete against each other, show your ability to lead your army. Combine with teammates to fight. Bring home the most precious rewards. Download Stick Wars 2 Battle of Legions super classic stickman battle mod.

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