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Update October 19, 2021 (2 years ago)

Street Chaser Mod helps players have an exciting adventure while participating. Enjoy endless races in town. With the task of chasing the robber to get back the item for your friend. Also, attack the bandits while chasing them from behind. Hundreds of missions take place with a single goal. You will have to chase many different robbers in many cases. More specifically, when you can participate in online races. Compete against many players in a race, up to 8 people. Along with a lot of maps taking place at different races. Combined with the appearance of obstacles that take place during the chase. Promises to bring players exciting adventures. With moments of entertainment, fun in the process of participating in the game.

Download Street Chaser Mod – Town Robber Chase

The gameplay of Street Chaser Mod takes place in the style of chasing. You control the character running in the town, chasing the bandit ahead. A dramatic chase takes place as you chase the robber. Obstacles appear during the chase. You have to watch carefully, quickly jump up or down to dodge. At the same time, change to another lane to avoid obstacles blocking the road ahead. Or you can attack the robber with anything that appears on the road. For example kicking balls, throwing water bottles at them. During the chase, the character will automatically run forward. Only when colliding with obstacles or successfully catching the robber will stop. Your race can be endless if you can’t catch the robber.Street Chaser Mod

Before starting, the quest system

Before starting the chase in Street Chaser Mod. You are talking to a colleague on the street. Suddenly a criminal appeared, he pushed down your colleague. Then took the bag and ran away. Your mission is to chase the robber to get the stolen bag back. Here, the game offers hundreds of levels to play, with a lot of different bandits. But the goal is only one, that is to successfully catch the robber. Every race that takes place, you need to fulfill the conditions that the game gives. For example, attack a robber by hitting 2 balls at them. Or pick up water bottles on the road, hit 2 times to complete the mission. After the race is over, based on your achievements. Through the number of stars, up to 3 stars. You will get a lot of bonuses.Dowload Street Chaser Mod

Activities, obstacles

During the race of Street Chaser Mod. A lot of activities will take place that you need to do. Includes running, dodging obstacles, throwing water bottles, shooting balls, collecting coins, collecting items, and finding words. Besides, obstacles are factors that hinder the performance of your mission. Including oil tanks, cars, signs, puddles, even bombs. If you collide, you will have an accident, can not catch the robber. Meaning the mission failed, must play from the beginning of that level. Over time, the level gets harder and harder. Not only obstacles appear more. The running speed of the character and the robber is faster. Make you focus on observing, quick reflexes to dodge. Only then can the task be completed with excellent results.Game Street Chaser Mod

Online multiplayer mode

Come to Street Chaser Mod’s online game mode. You can participate in the race for up to 8 people. Your opponents are other players. When the race started, it was like a sports day. Everyone will compete with each other to rise to the top. You show off your skills, dodging obstacles. Pass each opponent in turn to lead the list of runners. Reach the finish line first and win convincingly. From there, you will achieve excellent rankings in online races. And get a lot of attractive rewards.Tai Street Chaser Mod

The background of Street Chaser Mod is recreated extremely realistically. A race takes place in the town, on the roads with many turns. Surrounded by classic buildings, with different colors. Everything is designed in 3D graphics. Combined with flexible character movements. Shown through chases, running on the road, jumping, and sliding on the ground. Along with unique effects when colliding with obstacles. For example, hitting a bomb, an explosion will cause the character to fall. Besides, the sound is vibrant with interesting background music. Gives you more excitement during the chase of the robber.

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