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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Strike Back: Dead Cover transports players to a future world. Here you will transform into a supremely intelligent, resilient hero. Capable of performing dangerous, noble missions. The peaceful and free life of people is being threatened by evil forces. They want to take over the world, have total dominion in order to execute dark plots to harm humanity. The player and his teammates are assigned the task of stopping and eradicating these bad guys. Carrying a noble responsibility, forcing you to engage in brutal wars. Gameplay is set in the future, players will have the opportunity to experience a series of extremely modern weapons, with unimaginable destructive power. Take advantage of them to create beautiful attacks. Causing the enemy to fail in time and collapse in a flash. Practice with your teammates regularly to improve your fighting skills and coordinate with each other in a good way. To complete all tasks smoothly, easily.

Download Strike Back: Dead Cover Mod – Join the fierce battle in the future, protect human freedom

With a new fighting style, Strike Back: Dead Cover Mod makes gamers who love the action game genre standstill. To participate in the stages that can be considered the most epic. With a series of modern machinery technology that has never been seen before. Confront a huge, powerful enemy. If you are a first-timer, you will feel overwhelmed, gradually getting caught up in the pace of the battle. Use the virtual keys on the screen proficiently to control the character as you like. Move to places where there are enemies and take every opportunity to attack them by surprise. Your chances of winning will be higher. Remember that the enemy also possesses extremely advanced weapons, so they cannot be underestimated. Find yourself a hidden corner to easily observe the enemy. Then aim the gun accurately and press the fire button. Bullets will be fired continuously towards them. There will be a lot of enemy fire around, so it is easy for them to detect the location. So always be careful, pay attention to every action step. Just being a little distracted can make you stop the game immediately. Always follow your teammates to ensure your safety. Collecting items on the way will be a great tool to support players when fighting.

Strike Back Dead Cover mod

Equipment System

Coming to Strike Back: Dead Cover Mod, players will have the opportunity to own weapons in the future. Most of them have new colors and designs. Especially with unimaginable destructive power. Even at a great distance, you can still defeat enemies easily. However, the better the guns, the more players will have to spend a corresponding amount of coins to be able to own. Kill as many enemies as possible to get huge bonuses. You can buy your favorite weapons. Besides, you are also equipped with extremely solid armor, which can withstand enemy damage very effectively. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can freely choose a suit that suits you and stands out in every match.

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Various missions

Strike Back: Dead Cover Mod gives players a multitude of missions. It is necessary to complete them all in order to reach the end of the game and enjoy the feeling of glory. Each level will have different tasks and the difficulty level will increase. Of course, players will recover their physical strength and increase their strength every time they switch to a new level. You will have to both destroy the enemy and collect valuable items at the same time. They possess special features to help you complete the task easily. For example: Heal, increase attack speed, increase basic body stats, etc. Accumulate a lot to be able to defeat powerful bosses.

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Rich battle locations

Players will be adventurous, explore interesting and new lands when participating in this gameplay. Each level is a battle location, giving players interesting things. For example City, village, office, town, forest, abandoned house, etc. Many beautiful places are waiting for you to conquer. In the process of moving to the place of duty by helicopter. Players will have the opportunity to observe the scene from above to help relax and have a fighting spirit that is always full. This is probably the most special trip you will ever experience. Try to pass all the levels to explore and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Graphics and Sound

Strike Back: Dead Cover Mod uses graphics that are not inferior to other games of the same genre. Players can feel the world in the game extremely realistic. With extremely sharp 3D graphic design, smooth to every detail. You will easily observe the scene from a multi-dimensional perspective, judge the position of the enemy. Creating a character that is quite similar to a real person stimulates gamers even more. Every time the warriors use the skill, there will be flashy, beautiful effects. Diverse and rich sounds of gunfire, creatures, people, etc. What makes players feel most excited is when listening to the vibrant background music of the gameplay. It seems to have an invisible power that stimulates your fighting spirit more.

Strike Back Dead Cover game mod

Strike Back: Dead Cover is a good choice for those who are looking for a fresh feeling in the fighting game genre. Not only do missions, but also travel around in a future world. Possess high-class weapons and show off your fighting skills. Download Strike Back: Dead Cover Mod to prevent the evil forces’ plot to take over the world. Purify them disappear from the peaceful life of people.

Download Strike Back: Dead Cover Mod APK 1.1 (Unlimited ammo, immortality, onehit)

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