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Super Clone is a super action shooting game from the publisher Limitless Rocket, dedicated to those who share the same passion and interests. The special thing in this gameplay is that the guns all use Plasma energy. Has great power, extremely strong destructive power. The setting of the game is about the development of science fiction. When human technology has reached its peak. There are many types of modern weapons and machines. Humans have not been able to control the entire operation of machines and robots. This has led to the emergence of many dangers. You become the only warrior with special energy, representing the world to stand up to fight. Players need to pass many different locations. Each place will bring a unique experience, its own special.

Download Super Clone Mod – Space warrior to destroy monsters

As soon as you enter the game, you will be able to choose for yourself a super-soldier. Wearing a special suit, holding a modern weapon. Super Clone Mod will race you to a place where there are a lot of robots and robots running rampant. Single-handedly rushed into the enemy’s lair, shooting each one to rescue the victim. Be careful of the pitfalls along the way. Because in addition to facing an army of robots, you will have to overcome many traps and obstacles. Control your warrior to move skillfully. Combined with offensive and defensive maneuvers, it’s very rhythmic. Try to complete the mission, conquer the system-assigned locations on time. The deeper you go into the enemy, the more numerous and stronger you will be. Please equip many new high-quality weapons, power armor. It Will help you overcome all difficulties,

Super Clone mod

Fantasy world

You will find everything very new and unique when entering the world in the game. Many scenes and locations are designed very eye-catching. Make players feel more interested, curious, and want to explore. 3D graphics background brings vivid image quality, every little detail is very realistic. Give players a sense of attraction like stepping into the real world of technology. However, your mission is to protect world peace. To destroy all the lairs of the robot army. Don’t give them the opportunity to plot and harm people. Control the character to hold the gun and move to attack and destroy all enemies right away.

Super Clone mod hack game

Character customization

You can customize your character’s fighting style and appearance easily. The default character when purchased will use 1 weapon according to the arrangement system. Dress style, fashion too. However, players can change all of them to their liking. Buy 1 new gun and equip your warrior. You will see the change in attack and movement effects. Add some necessary equipment such as Armor, hat, anti-laser glasses, etc. Ensure the safety of the warriors who can face the monsters in the best way.

Super Clone mod game


Super Clone Mod is considered by many players to have easy and interesting gameplay. However, the difficulty of the levels is not easy to overcome at all. When facing large locations, crowded with enemies of all different types. If your character is not upgraded, it will be very difficult to conquer. Let’s proceed to upgrade the strength of the warriors. Replace the character’s equipment with more advanced items. Increase your defense combined with new weapons to help you conquer every location.

Modern Weapons

As I said in the introduction, Super Clone Mod has a really diverse and very special weapon system. Guns that use plasma energy can cause enemies to explode with a single pull of the trigger. There are hundreds of gun models of many different types for you to choose to use in accordance with each level of play. If when the season comes back, you feel that the power is not big enough to be able to defeat the robot army. Then you can equip more advanced accessories to increase the damage higher in each shot.

Super Clone mod apk

The impressive point, attracting many players interested in Super Clone is the game’s graphics. You can see the design of the fantasy world in the future is shown extremely special. Vibrant colors and vibrant sound. Create more intense fighting inspiration for gamers. Admire the beauty of modern, distinctive guns. Use them to destroy all enemies, protect the peace of the human world.

Download Super Clone Mod APK 7.0 (Immortal)

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