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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Super Toss The Turtle Mod is an action game with an extremely attractive shooting style. Published by GonzoSSM, bringing players to exciting experiences. With improvements in graphics designed to be eye-catching, bright, and extremely cute character creation. Since its launch, the game has attracted a large number of participants, because the gameplay brings laughter and novelty. Currently, on the Google Play app, the game has attracted more than 5 million downloads. And get more than 90,000 reviews from all over the world.

Download Super Toss The Turtle Mod – Shoot Animals At The Target

Joining Super Toss The Turtle Mod, players will step into countless interesting levels, with fun and humorous style. By aligning coordinates, your task is to put bullets on the gun to shoot the bullets with the longest distance. However, the bullets in the game are special bullets, because they are funny turtles. Besides, the gameplay of the game is extremely interesting and simple. Players can feel from the weapons, the background, and the turtles are all vividly depicted, with funny and humorous expressions.Game Super Toss The Turtle Mod

Attractive gameplay

The game is not as simple as shooting the farthest funny turtle, but you also have to align coordinates to hit the target in the time the bullets fly. Like enemies, money, weapons, even gems, etc. Besides, Super Toss The Turtle Mod owns a lot of diverse maps, helping players freely discover new things. Each map is designed differently, exposing players to different challenges and obstacles. In particular, in the process of throwing turtles at the target, you need to note that. If you are unfortunate enough to throw the spikes, the turtle will die immediately and then you cannot complete the goal. But if you throw other obstacles such as bombs, rockets, or birds, it will make you fly much farther, even into space. During the flight of the projectile,Download Super Toss The Turtle

Various characters

It will be very boring when you are only accompanied by a funny turtle. So to increase the excitement for players Super Toss The Turtle Mod provides you with a variety of characters, to join in the exciting adventure. For example, dragons, frogs, dogs, cats… even insects. In particular, each character is uniquely designed, with funny expressions and fun sounds. Besides, you can through online mode, invite friends to join the game with you. Then join your teammates to choose funny animals and shoot them as far as possible to win.

Unlock new weapons

After completing the task, the player will receive a reward corresponding to the achievement achieved. Besides, you can earn more money by adjusting and aligning coordinates to hit the money bags. Then you will have a lot of money to unlock newer weapons. Super Toss The Turtle Mod provides players with dozens of different weapons. For example bows, crossbows, cannons, missiles, bombs, even nuclear weapons. Each weapon type displays stats, through which you can choose the right guns. Not stopping there, players can use support items for their animals. When that will create thrust for the animal to fly further, along with that much you will receive more money.Super Toss The Turtle

Graphics, sound

Hack Super Toss The Turtle is designed with sharp 3D graphics. The image quality is meticulously refined, along with unique contexts such as the sky, outer space, etc., which are portrayed very vividly. Besides, the character creation is designed in a fun and funny style, combining the unique expressions of each species to give you a more realistic feeling. In addition, the sound quality is interesting with funny background music, and the lively sound is expressed through the cries of animals. That will help players have unforgettable experiences and increase the excitement when participating.Super Toss The Turtle

Unlimited money feature

Money is a very important factor in Super Toss The Turtle Mod because it helps you shop and unlocks many things. So when downloading the Mod version unlimited money, players will have the most interesting experience. Then you can unlock the powerful weapons you love. Or buy necessary support items, helping the animal to fly higher and farther. Download the game Super Toss The Turtle Mod to enter the exciting shooting and get the highest score.

Download Super Toss The Turtle Mod APK 1.181.80 (Unlimited Money)

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