Survivalist: invasion PRO Mod APK 0.0.552 (Unlimited Money) Dowload

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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)


  • God mode (on the menu)
  • Free craft
  • Unlimited money/energy
  • Unlimited research points
  • No thirsty, no hungry
    NOTE: Make sure to enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps


  • Endless money and resuscitators
  • Health, hunger, and thirst are not diminished.

Survivalist: invasion PRO Mod is a role-playing game, designed for survival gameplay. Revolving around the character in the game, a strong guy. During the mission, unfortunately, the plane crashed and plunged into the sea. Everyone on the flight lost their lives, only you were lucky to survive. After waking up, a scary scene appeared before his eyes, zombies are eating people. At this point, you realize you have fallen on a mysterious island. There are dangers all around. Besides, your resources and food are almost exhausted. Now, you are forced to go into mysterious areas on the island in search of food. A variety of tasks for you to perform. Not only finding food to maintain life, but you also have to fight the zombies on this scary island.

Download Survivalist: invasion PRO Mod – Prevent Terrorist Conspiracy

Background of Survivalist: invasion PRO Mod opens on a tropical island. This place is one of the most mysterious places on Earth. Behind it is a powerful terrorist force. They are conducting scary experiments on humans, turning living people into zombies. With the aim of changing world history. A lot of people have come here to prevent it, scientists have tried to find out the secret that is lurking behind the island. However, so far, the island remains an unsolved mystery. Not even the US intelligence agency could do anything about it. Because anyone who steps foot here will lose their life. Not only were they attacked by Zombies, but they also faced a shortage of resources and food.Download Survivalist invasion PRO Mod

A series of missions, fighting with Zombie

Join Survivalist: invasion PRO Mod you are the one who reluctantly appeared on the island. With a mission to survive in a harsh environment. Lots of activities for you to do. Explore the island by moving to every location on the map. Search and collect resources, food. Use the collected materials to craft weapons and equipment. At the same time, build a base to hide and avoid dangers from the surrounding environment. Sometimes you will have to participate in battles with zombies to continue your journey. Even fighting the mutant boss, the leader of the zombies. Use survival skills, combine your own fighting ability. Use weapons to attack and defeat the mutant boss. Then you will get a lot of rare items.Game Survivalist invasion PRO Mod

Begin the game

Right at the start of Survivalist: invasion PRO Mod. In front of you is a Zombie who is eating dead people. At this point, your task is to attack it with powerful punches. Then move to the locked chest. Unlock it and use the provided baseball bat as a weapon. Continuing your survival journey, you will have to face many challenges. Zombies appear in an army, requiring your combat experience. Use the weapon in your hand, killing each zombie one by one to complete the mission. After that, you will continue to move to many other locations on the map. Collect resources and items from chests on the ground. Equip your character with a new weapon to increase damage on each hit. Also, wear costumes to increase defense.Survivalist invasion PRO Mod

Agent UNKnown

Do not fight alone in the battle for the survival of Survivalist: invasion PRO Mod. You are supported by an UNKnown agent. He will give you the best advice in each mission. However, the choice to make the decision is yours. Therefore, observe the situation that is happening, analyze it correctly. Then make a decision of your own. Also learn the rules of survival on the island. Find out the undiscovered secrets, with the aim of stopping those who are trying to change human history.Tai Survivalist invasion PRO Mod

Survivalist: invasion PRO Mod provides a lot of different weapons for you to equip your character. Typically guns, swords, axes, baseball bats, and many other weapons. Along with all kinds of equipment such as pants, shirts, hats, shoes … Not only help the character change appearance but also increase defense ability, stamina in battle. Besides, you can find a lot of items such as drinking water, food to maintain life. Along with that, throughout the journey, you need to keep track of the character’s food and drink stats. When the stats drop, quickly use the collected items to increase energy.

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