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Survivor Adventure Mode is an adventure game, published by ReelToReal Games. Set foot on a mysterious island in the open sea. This place has extremely beautiful scenery but it is not as peaceful as it seems. Many prehistoric animals and wild animals inhabit the island. Your mission is to survive, collect resources to survive. Build facilities, find materials to make weapons. Join the hunt, find food to maintain life. The game is designed with open gameplay, so you can freely move and do what you like. Improve your survival skills, survive in a dangerous post-apocalyptic world. A series of fascinating quests are waiting for you to explore.

Download Survivor Adventure Mod – Surviving on a Wild Island at Sea

Survivor Adventure Mod opens up an unspoiled setting in the rainforest. This place is located on a large island with a lot of danger around. For unknown reasons, you appear on the island empty of anything. Your only way is to survive and find a chance to escape this island. A series of missions for you to perform, requiring survival skills to overcome. Your greatest danger is wild animals. Because this tropical forest is where they live. If you encounter wild animals, you can lose your life at any time. Not stopping there, food and water are the things that sustain life. If you do not search quickly, you will exhaust yourself, even starve.Game Survivor Adventure Mod

Exciting missions, hunt animals

Start Survivor Adventure Mod with survival, your task is to find food to maintain life. Also collect resources to build shelters. Use materials to make weapons, help protect yourself and serve for hunting. A series of survival missions are waiting for you to explore. During your search for resources, you will sometimes encounter some wild animals. They are very aggressive, if you can’t run away, you only have to fight to protect your life. Use manufactured weapons to make combat tools, attack them to earn an abundant food source. However, not all animals can attack. Because there are extremely powerful beasts, you cannot kill them without being fully armed.Download Survivor Adventure Mod

Build a house

The environment in Survivor Adventure Mod is extremely harsh. You cannot move all over the island forever. Need a place to hide and rest. Collect materials such as wood and stone to build a solid house. This not only helps you avoid danger from the animals but also has a place to rest. However, building a complete house takes quite a lot of time and effort. You have no choice but to persevere and try.

Animal taming

In your search for life, it would be great if you had the support of an animal. That can happen because Survivor Adventure Mod has the feature of taming animals. You can search for a wild animal in the wild, tame it to become a powerful assistant. For example, elephants, lions, crocodiles, etc., and many other wild animals. However, you need to pay attention to the characteristics of each animal. Each species has a different personality and lifestyle, so it is difficult to tame.Tai Survivor Adventure Mod Icon

Weapon Crafting

Weapons are one of the main factors for you to survive in the natural environment of Survivor Adventure Mod. It not only helps you protect yourself when in danger but also can be a tool for hunting. Therefore, collect materials to make the weapon you want. For example, some handmade weapons such as axes, spears, knives, etc. There are many other types of weapons. However, not all weapons are capable of high damage. So you need to pay attention in the process of hunting, determine the target before acting.

Explore caves and mysterious lands

On the vast island of Survivor Adventure Mod, there are many mysterious caves. Each place hides a lot of valuable resources. Along with that, there are dangers lurking, if you lose focus, you may lose your life. Besides, there are many unexplored lands. Using your survival skills, move there and find the answer. At the same time looking for a way to escape this inhospitable island.Survivor Adventure Mod

As mentioned above, Survivor Adventure Mod simulates an open world. Players are free to move and do what they want. You can collect materials, build a boat, raft to move to the sea. Step into new islands, discover the mysteries around. Besides, do not forget to light a fire at night to avoid the attack of wild animals.

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