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[ Player Menu ]
-> End Game (Tip : Enabled On The 3,2,1 Countdown) (PvE)
[ Account Menu ]
-> Everything Free
-> Unlimited Arena Energy (Seems Energy Is Not Consume Anyways When Searching For A Match)

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SURVPUNK Mod is a strategy game by developer Black Bears. Your mission is to assemble an army to fight the fearsome monsters. Survive in a post-apocalyptic world with extreme environments. Collect warrior cards to join the battle. Destroy enemy forces, destroy their battle machines. Complete the mission, continue to the next battle. The game is a perfect combination of strategy and action elements. With tough challenges. Requires the right tactics to face dangerous enemies. If you want to win, you need to constantly change tactics to match the situation of the battle. After winning will receive a lot of loot and bonuses.

Download SURVPUNK Mod – Recruit Heroes to Fight the Enemy

The setting of SURVPUNK Mod opens in a post-apocalyptic world. Monsters, mutants, and invaders belonging to the mysterious Cult organization appear. They ushered in devastating wars, invading lands. Sweeping everything, the places passed. Causing humanity to struggle with the post-apocalyptic harsh environment. Now subject to the onslaught of the Cult organization. Now, the Earth is on the verge of extinction. To prevent the worst from happening, your mission is to assemble a powerful army. Consists of warriors with outstanding combat ability. Attack to destroy the monsters and defeat the mysterious Cult organization. Reclaim the places and lands they have invaded.SURVPUNK Mod

Gameplay, destroy the force and destroy the enemy base

Start the war of SURVPUNK Mod. You use tanks to transport warriors. At the same time, this is also your base in this fierce battle. Join the battle, you recruit warriors one by one to move to the enemy base. Along the way, monsters will appear to stop the warriors from attacking. The battle lasts until the enemy base or your tank is destroyed. The base of the faction that is still standing on the battlefield will win. If you want your side to win, you will have to destroy all enemy forces and bases. Then move on to the next battles. The difficulty is also increased. Along with that, the reward you get if you win will be more.Download SURVPUNK Mod

Tanks, upgrades

In SURVPUNK Mod warriors are not the only fighting force. Here, your tanks and enemy bases are equipped with defensive weapon systems. The machine guns will automatically fire when attacked by the target. For example, your faction’s fighting force has not appeared. The monsters will take advantage of that opportunity to attack your armored tank. At that time, the tank will automatically fight by firing bullets at the enemy. Although it is difficult to destroy all of them, but also weakens the enemy force to wait for the warriors to appear. To increase the defense and attack of the battle machine. You can level up equipment on the tank, and install additional accessories. Help tanks improve their attack, defense, as well as increased health. Can withstand multiple enemy attacks.Ear SURVPUNK Mod

Hero units

The hero system in SURVPUNK Mod is divided into 3 different units. Includes Peace, Nomads, and Solars. Each hero unit has its own fighting ability. You can collect heroes through cards after the end of the battle. At the same time, through each hero’s card, you will know their special fighting ability. Because cards show details of strength, health, damage, defense, attack speed, and movement speed. Besides, improve the hero’s ability by upgrading. At that time, they will increase their fighting power in the war. Can deal massive damage to enemies, as well as withstand more attacks, thanks to its durable defense.Game SURVPUNK Mod

The enemies in SURVPUNK Mod are extremely powerful and scary. They are not just ordinary monsters. As the level increases, you will have to face dangerous enemies. The invaders are armed with modern weapons. Possesses strong fighting ability. In particular, sometimes you will have to face epic bosses. With a terrifying appearance, along with outstanding attack ability. Can deal massive damage to your faction’s combat units. At the same time, the boss’s defense is extremely durable, with a huge amount of health. Can withstand multiple attacks from warriors.

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