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Update October 19, 2021 (2 years ago)

Taichi Panda is the publisher inspired by the movie Kungfu Panda. The story is built from the plot of a world where humans and animals live together. The evil, the greedy prince wants to be the sole ruler of the land. He used his army of goblins to destroy the peaceful life of the people. Before the attack of the dark forces, the martial arts masters joined the spirit beasts in the forest to fight evil. The game features the famous Chinese martial arts tai chi and the main character is a big bear. This unique combination has created interesting gameplay. Join the gameplay you will become a hero, go on a journey to destroy evil. Face evil, aggressive ghosts full of cunning tricks. But rest assured that you still have companions to help.

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Enemies in Taichi Panda Mod are very diverse, they change unpredictably depending on the level of gameplay. Each name has its own strengths and weaknesses. From small monsters to giants, its damage is also increased. So players must observe carefully before choosing a target and attacking. Target the weak points to quickly defeat the enemy. The first thing that stands out when participating in the gameplay is that the gameplay is quite easy. The navigation keys are located on either side of the screen corner. The characters that you embody just need to give fatal attacks. When you kill all monsters in the current level, you will be leveled up. There is also a competition mode with other opponents to make the game attractive. Use agile movements, fight hard to win, and become the strongest.

Taichi Panda mod

Style play

Taichi Panda has a simple gameplay but gives you moments of extreme excitement. The left is the direction selection key, the right is the moves. Enemies within range take 100% damage. Therefore, it is very important to adjust the choice of tactics. Good combos will produce continuous attacks on the opponent. But note, the cooldown is also quite long, so you have to choose carefully before using it. At first, the little goblins will be easy to destroy, by the end of the game the boss will appear as a giant. When fighting, pay attention to the enemy’s blood as the red column. When the number of health drops to 0 is the end of the game.

Game Taichi Panda mod

Talented characters

To avoid boredom Taichi Panda gives out 5 character classes with different skillsRight from the start, you can choose according to your preferences. Treasure Hunters and Glorious Warriors use swords, have a nearby style of attack that deals direct damage to opponents. The Fairy Fox Mage is a skilled mage who can teleport and control her staff to attack enemies. Panda martial artist has high attack ability, fast speed. The assassin is proficient in two swords, her body is superhuman, the moves she offers are sharp, knocking down the enemy in a flash. Duke is a famous sniper with a long-range gun and also knows how to control natural elements such as ice, fire, and lightning. Attack and destroy enemy armor very well.

Game mode

Taichi Panda opens a lot of attractive game modes. When participating in Multiplayer, players can choose to fight 3v3 in the Seabed Scramble arena. Or Decathlon vs PvP each match consists of 10 rounds increasing from easy to difficult to conquer. In addition, the excellent player who wins the game will receive a great reward. In Guild Wars, you can invite friends to fight, confront other teams. Accumulate experience points, reach a high level to have the opportunity to interact with many people by joining a guild. That will make the game more interesting.

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Graphics and sound

Tachi panda will definitely make players surprised and amazed by its beautiful graphics. Because it is designed in sharp 3D to create a realistic feeling. The characters are carefully invested in terms of images. There are many levels to play and only take place for a few minutes, but they are all built-in different contexts. You will be entering the colorful adventure. The sound of the gameplay was also praised by many audiences. Interesting voiceovers, showing each person’s personality. Makes you feel like you’re watching a movie sometimes.

Taichi Panda mod apk

Gameplay opens a world of martial arts, watching the ultimate moves of tai chi. Diverse characters and arenas. There is not only a mode to fight monsters but also participate in confrontation with other gamers. Compete to see who is the strongest and then save the achievements on the leaderboard. Many modes open up for players to conquer. Download now Taichi Panda to experience and discover the interesting things that the game brings.

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