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Update October 23, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod is a role-playing game released by Horizon Games with a dramatic and attractive fighting style. Inspired by the medieval period of Japan, with a dark, gloomy place dominated by evil dark forces. In Tochi town, this is the starting point of destruction because this is the place where the dark lord came to life, at that time there was a hero named Arashi who is a powerful Ninja living here with him. Karachi’s son. However, in order to protect everyone and his son’s life, which was threatened by the overlord boss, Arashi died in the battle. Years after Karashi became an adult, in order to continue his father’s wish, he asked the gods to grant him supreme power to be able to destroy the dark forces and bring peace to his country.

Download Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod – Destroy the Dark Forces

By joining Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod, players will become mighty swordsman, at first, you will receive a sharp katana sword and basic instructions on how to use it. In fact, the gameplay is a large territory with diverse maps that help you explore from one land to another. However, you must overcome the challenges and complete the assigned tasks before you can continue to step into another land. In addition, with a large map, if you, unfortunately, lose your life, you have to return to the original location, which will be very time-consuming and labor-intensive. To solve that problem, players need to save the position in the stone statues along the way, then if you lose your life, you will be revived at the closest previously saved location, saving you a lot of time. time and overcome challenges.Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod

Character control

Enter the battle Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod with fairly simple control, the left side of the screen is used to move the character in multiple directions. On the right side of the screen are the skills you can use, every time you meet an enemy you can go forward and stab a shot in the back to defeat the opponent, in case the enemy is not killed you can Tap the sword icon to make deadly slashes. Besides, you click on the up arrow icon to jump, the horizontal arrow to dodge the opponent’s skills. Gradually you will unlock Shuriken, then the hidden weapon can be used to attack from a distance to save you blood. Also, pay attention to the red blood bar above the screen because it shows your current HP, when it is exhausted it means you will lose and the game is over.

Unlock the sealed door

The battle map of Hack Takashi Ninja Warrior will be divided into different areas and separated by a door made of iron, stone, and wood. The doors have been sealed so players cannot use skills or swords to destroy them, the only way is to unlock them through finding keys in the map or killing people. protect that door. Please note that guardians have very strong physical strength, they are far different from the monsters you have ever met, although the defender’s attacks are very slow, if you get hit by them you can lose them. network within 5 moves. Then you will have to understand the map and find a hiding place, go around to beat the guard from behind, and use reflexes to dodge their skills.Game Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod

Complete mission

After completing each mission and experiencing dramatic battles, your character will gain experience points and level up higher. Then you will get skill points to use to upgrade character stats such as an attack, defense, attack speed, health. Depending on how you upgrade and what direction do you want your character to become a warrior? For example, if you want the character to be attack-oriented, after leveling up, you can add all skill points to the attack index. In addition, if you feel that the strength of such a character is still not enough, you can enter the store to unlock equipment and weapons.

Character upgrade and weapon equipment

Weapons in Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod are quite diverse and players do not need any conditions at all, just have money to be able to unlock their favorite weapons, such as the Twins Blade sword. help you increase 84 points of powerful damage. Besides, the costumes will help you stand out more and have a rather aggressive appearance, along with the lord horn on your head will help you feel more excited and eager to fight when participating in the match. In addition, when you reach a certain level, you can unlock Potion, Ability, and Shuriken, which are powerful skills that help you have a stronger fighting ability. To achieve those skills will have to go through a lot of challenges, but in return, you have great strengths and self-worth.Tai Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod

Graphics and sound

The graphic design of Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod in sharp 3D helps players feel more comfortable, the developer has designed quality images with outstanding costumes to help you have a more realistic look into life. fierce battle. The effect of the game is also quite attractive with unique slashing phases, and beautiful combos. Shaping the character with a dark, strong, and flexible style has helped players feel easy to control and comfortable when participating in the match. Combined with quality sound quality with rhythmic music mixed with fierce action sequences.

When players download the Mod version of the game Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod, you will experience the attractive unlimited money feature, then you can freely enter the store to unlock all your favorite weapons. And equip impressive outfits that highlight your impressive image and style. The game is entertaining to help players have moments of relaxation, download Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod to experience dramatic battles, and help Karashi destroy the dark forces and regain peace for the country.

Download Takashi Ninja Warrior Mod APK 2.5.0 (Unlimited Money, God Mode)

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