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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Unlimited money, immortality

You must have read fairy tales, where miracles happen, there are dreams, stories always have good things with heroes protecting people. Or there are magical characters appearing from human imagination that are fairies, the world in which many people wish to live. Tales Rush Mod is developed by YOULOFT GAMES, this game will help you to transform into the characters in those stories, creating a great story for yourself. Become the heroes in the story to defeat evil forces, destroy monsters that harm humans, to the peaceful lives of people.

Download Tales Rush Mod – Write Up Fairy Tales

Tales Rush Mod can be considered as a fairytale world, you will have to play the role of people with the power to save this beautiful world invaded by the dark forces with dangerous monsters. You will be able to write your own story when you have a great heart to protect the world and give the creatures of this world a peaceful life. You will join the journey to destroy monsters, the game is designed to control quite easily with just simple touches that you can control the character in the game that has the power to fight the monsters. Use skills the character is skilled at to control how to defeat those monsters with ease, minimizing being beaten to the lowest level.Game Tales Rush! Mod


The difficulty of this game will be increased slowly through each stage, there will be a bunch of different levels with different challenges for you to overcome. Tales Rush Mod has a system of different doors, each door, who you will need to deserve the monsters in it, must win to be able to go forward. Those monsters have a lot of power, from damage to defense, they also increase each door and it will also have different Maps, you will have to be very close to being able to move. just attacked.

Heroic Character

You can see that the Hack Tales Rush game not only has a single character but also has a character machine designed by the developer, but they all have special abilities. Each character has a different power, some attack close-range with a sword, someone long-range with a bow and arrow to shoot, or with a girl using magic. They can be considered heroes in this world, they are people with the power to stand up against ferocious monsters, defeat the dark forces that are enveloping them. The characters also have different special skills, increasing the damage to monsters more, they get a very pleasing effect.Tales Rush Mod ear

Items, Gifts

Tales Rush Mod is a game with a very magical world so you see it after each battle to destroy all kinds of different monsters, but the assigned mission will receive rewards. The higher the quest, the more difficult it is to destroy high-level monsters, the higher the items you will receive or the higher the reward after the gates. They are cards, which are auxiliary items for characters of all kinds of different types, each of which will give you a different power increase, there will be cards that rarely destroy terrible monsters. Earning gold coins in each game is also essential that can help you buy a few items in the store or upgrade something.

Tales Rush Mod with a monster fighting style that has the power to make people scared to fight these monsters, your power needs to be increased. With Unlimited Money, the ability to destroy monsters is no longer a problem when you can freely use it to add new characters for enough heroes. Or you can use this amount of money to upgrade your character to increase the power to quickly destroy the monsters, easily pass the gates. Each match you need to spend energy to be able to participate, Unlimited Energy can solve that, now you like to challenge the match is possible, experience the free game.

Download Tales Rush Mod APK 1.5.7 (Menu, Money, Immortal)

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