Tempest: Pirate Action RPG Mod APK 1.6.0 (Menu, Money, Unlocked)

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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Sell ​​anything to get 8000 coins;
  • Paid content unlocked;


  • A lot of money

Tempest Mod is an adventure game that brings players to sea battles of famous pirates and giant warships. Inspired by the pirate movie of the Caribbean, publisher HeroCraft Ltd has created an engaging action game with an open world about dangerous pirates, piloting armed warships. modern, up-to-date atmosphere. The battles that take place between the pirate crews are fierce, dramatic, and have the appearance of other ancient sea monster creatures. Currently, the game is developed on two platforms, iOS, and Android, making it easy for players to access, but to be able to download the game you need to spend an amount of money to buy about $ 13.99 on the Google application. Play.

Download Tempest Mod – Join the Sea Battle with Pirates

Joining Tempest, players will become the captain of a Jolly Roger ship, leading the crew under his barrier to exploring the vast ocean together. Especially the fierce and attractive naval battles that made the brand of the game. The ship is designed quite realistically, when the battle takes place you will experience the spread shooting gameplay extending to the sides of the boat to help players determine the direction and distance of the target. To increase accuracy, the player needs to use the gun to shoot in the sights for a short period of time, then wait until the force bar is filled, then release and the bullet will fly straight to the target.Tempest Pirate Action RPG Premium Mod

Enemy detection

Enemies in Tempest Mod are very protective and dangerous just like a pirate, they will not spare anyone if they hit the target. You are no exception, when attacked by the enemy, the player can determine the direction and position of the enemy on the sea because the red bullet will reveal the position. As a captain with a very heavy responsibility on his shoulders to ensure the life of his crew, you need to devise a reasonable strategy to easily avoid the enemy’s attacks. If your ship is unfortunately hit by bullets, it will cause very serious consequences, then weapons and ammunition will be lost and especially the gold and silver treasures that you have worked hard to collect will disappear.Tai Tempest Pirate Action RPG Premium Mod

Equip firepower for ships

Before anchoring to the big ocean, players need to be carefully equipped with weapons with strong firepower for their ships and upgrade them to become more powerful. Besides, you can design your ship in a personal style with different shapes, creating highlights when sailing. Tempest Mod allows players to recruit more sailors, this is a very important step in upgrading your ship. Besides, your force can be divided into 3 different teams: Team one manages the ship’s mast to help the ship speed up and move faster, the second team in the corridor takes care of fire and aiming. target, the third team in the armory position manages to reload and firing time.

Various missions

Hack Tempest owns more than 100 different interesting tasks, and a map system with dozens of islands distributed across three regions. In particular, players can freely move and explore every location on the vast ocean, in the process you can unlock more maps of other locations. Besides, there is a feature that has attracted a lot of players, with the appearance of giant sea monsters that seem only in legends that you need to face them. In addition, you can participate in Multiplayer mode to accompany your friends on the high seas and together declare war on other pirates to create your popularity and position.Game Tempest Pirate Action RPG Premium Mod

Graphics and sound

Tempest is designed with sharp 3D graphics, realistic image quality, giving players a vivid view of the sea from the landscape, sky, fishes, … and you will experience the conditions. Extreme weather with sea challenges. Everything is meticulously detailed to give you a voyeuristic view of the world of pirates. Combined with the well-designed detailed effects of the pirates on the battleship, players can feel the effects of sparks, smoke or bullets, and monsters attacking. attack the enemy. Besides, the quality sound with powerful music melodies will create excitement for participants.

Coming to Tempest Mod, players will be able to become the captain of the pirate crew, together to explore famous and mysterious locations on the ocean. In particular, you will participate in fierce sea battles at sea with other pirates and create your position, and the appearance of legendary monsters will create attractiveness for the game. Especially, if you download the Mod version of the game Tempest, you will experience the interesting unlimited money feature.

Download Tempest Mod APK 1.6.0 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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