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Update October 9, 2021 (2 years ago)

If you are looking for a new feeling in the fighting game series, come to Tensura: King of Monsters. Bringing interesting gameplay, many attractive features will meet the expectations of fans. The gameplay is set in a magical world, gathering dozens of big, vicious monsters. They cause harm all over the world, killing good people, destroying houses and villages. Forcing humanity to the brink of extinction. Here you will transform into a brave warrior, with powerful magic, extremely intelligent. Willing to stand up to protect the weak, destroy the evil monsters, bring eternal life to mankind. Gather talented heroes from all over the world to join this great quest. Equipped with the most modern weapons and sturdy iron armor. Confidently enter the dangerous and arduous journey. Monsters that appear everywhere on the map, will suddenly attack the player. Therefore, you must be very careful, be on high alert, and promptly detect and avoid their damage. Quickly defeat the enemy with powerful moves, decisive slashes. Practice regularly to help improve reflexes, sharp thinking, and masterful character control. For maximum efficiency in battles.

Download Tensura: King of Monsters Mod – Purify monsters that have disappeared forever on earth

Tensura: King of Monsters Mod owns a variety of game modes to make your experience even more interesting. For example Quest, Elite, Resource, etc. Each type will bring different challenges, difficulties, spoiled for discovery. The gameplay has a controller designed to be minimalist for players to fully enjoy the scene. At the same time, the manipulation of moving characters is not too complicated and cumbersome. When encountering an enemy, just tap the attack button. Warriors will automatically launch powerful moves until the enemy completely collapses. However, for powerful bosses, it is necessary to coordinate with teammates to defeat them. Always pay attention to the character’s HP bar. Do not fight when the amount of blood is lost too much, it will reduce damage and resistance. It is very easy to lead to failure and unfortunate sacrifice. Collect precious items on the way. They possess special functions such as Increase attack speed, heal fast, etc. Help characters fight better. In the process of moving, it is necessary to avoid the pitfalls set by the system. They are waiting to take your life. Try to kill as many monsters as possible to receive worthy rewards and power upgrades.

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Character system

Tensura: King of Monsters Mod offers dozens of characters for you to choose from. Each person will have different backgrounds and professions such as Swordsman, gladiator, archer, magician, etc. They all possess extraordinary strength, many special fighting skills. However, the more talented the characters, the more you will have to spend a certain amount of coins to unlock. So work hard to complete the delivery system challenges to receive huge amounts of money. Choose from a wide range of powerful, outstanding warriors that match your skills. Equip your character with modern weapons that deal high damage. And body protection equipment ready to defeat all enemies.

Game Tensura King of Monsters mod

Complete mission

The player’s journey to complete the great mission is extremely arduous and challenging. You will have to fight countless monsters, each with its own characteristics and strengths. Requires you to have a smart, alert mind to create suitable and quick shots. In addition to the work of killing monsters, the system will give players side missions such as: Searching for gems, items, rescuing pets, etc. Making the journey more interesting. After completing all, the attractive rewards will be yours. At the same time, it is also upgraded to power to be able to conquer the next difficult level.

Tensura King of Monsters mod

Quality graphics

The most notable thing in Tensura: King of Monsters Mod is about the graphics. Designed with a 3D configuration, every detail and image is extremely clear. Light effects are carefully built and polished. To describe the moment when the character uses the skill, the magic becomes more real. Rich battle locations, many beautiful scenes for players to enjoy. Various sounds of different monsters, every noise in human life. Create extremely lovely Anime-style characters, stimulating gamers even more.

Tensura King of Monsters mod apk

Coming to Tensura: King of Monsters, players will be immersed in a magical world. With diverse battle locations, dozens of horror monsters are waiting to be conquered. Let’s pass all levels to discover the mysterious, interesting things in the gameplay. And possessing massive achievements that make people admire and admire. Download Tensura: King of Monsters mod using extraordinary powers to create glorious feats.

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