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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
  • Complete one level to get a lot of Coins!

After the success of The Archers. Game publisher BYV continues to research and release a super product called The Archers 2. Version 2 is considered an improved and upgraded version to the perfect level of the mobile video game genre. Many disadvantages have been overcome almost completely and many new features have been incorporated into this version. Basically, the gameplay of this version 2 has not changed much compared to the old version. You still own modern bows, sharp arrows. Touch the screen, drag it back to the direction you want to shoot. Align the target as accurately as possible and release one light and the enemy is already destroyed. The levels vary from low to high, you will have to use your archery skills, transform to defeat all kinds of enemies in all terrains. The basic gameplay is also quite simple, easily accessible to players. However, this does not mean that you can conquer this game easily. The higher you go, the more you will meet a lot of good snipers with extremely skilled skills.

Download The Archers 2 Mod – Use bows and arrows to destroy enemies

The Archers 2 Mod, players need skills, knowledge of bows in general, and archery skills in particular. In theory, archery can be quite easy, but in practice, it is not so simple. The game’s arsenal in addition to bows and arrows, you also have other items to serve the battle process. For example Bombs, healing, x2 arrows, etc… You won’t get these items in large quantities. When you first enter the game, the system will give you a small amount for you to experience. After using it all, you will have to spend money to buy it. In a melee battle, you need to focus on destroying the weakest enemies to the strongest enemies. Because the number of enemies is very large, moreover if you attack strong enemies, they will attack you and you will have a hard time fighting them.

The Archers 2 mod


To be able to defeat the monsters, defeat the forces of darkness, Hack The Archers 2 provides players with an extremely diverse arsenal of weapons. With many different types of weapons such as Bows, spears, swords, axes, etc… A weapon will have an attribute, a unique character as well as a separate selling price. The higher the price of the weapon, the stronger the attack power and vice versa. However, that does not mean that low-priced weapons are useless. When the enemy is far away, you will use the bow and arrow to easily attack the enemy. When the enemy is near you, the ax is the most reasonable and optimal choice. Try to complete many missions to get a lot of money to be able to bring back your favorite weapons.

Game The Archers 2 Mod

Upgrade weapons and characters

When you first enter the game you are still at a low level and have not faced great difficulties, upgrading weapons and characters will not be too important. When reaching higher levels, facing stronger, harder-to-chew monsters, upgrading weapons is indispensable. You can upgrade the bow to be able to shoot farther, have more power, shoot more arrows, etc.. Owning the best quality weapons will make it easier for you to win the victory. . A small note for you is that when you upgrade, the usage will change slightly. So you need to practice getting used to how to use new weapons.


Game publisher BYV focuses on developing The Archers 2 according to the entertainment trend mainly. So the graphics of this gameplay do not have too many outstanding things. But running on 3D graphics also gives players a really satisfying experience. The main color tone of the game is dark blood tone. More specifically, it is black and white blood, orange, red, etc.. Black is the color of the characters, the dark gunners. The remaining colors are the background colors of the game.

Game The Archers 2 mod hack

The Archers 2 gives players extremely attractive coordinates archery battles. The game requires you to have ingenuity, good angle ability to be able to shoot them at the targets set by the system. If you don’t want to be a loser then practice with your bows to get more skilled. Download The Archers 2 Mod to become an archer with top skills in the world, defeating all enemies.

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