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It’s exciting to have a land of its own to dominate. Coming to the world of The Bonfire Forsaken Lands, you can certainly fulfill that dream. With a unique design, the gameplay gives players a very new experience. In this land, you can create your own prosperous kingdom and rule it yourself. Fight and eliminate those who intend to trespass here. Help people have a peaceful life. The Bonfire Forsaken Lands opens before the player a medieval world. This is a rather fertile land, so there are many evil people who want to take it. The task of gamers is to build this land into a place worth living. Of course, it must also be protected from threats around. With many interesting gameplay features certainly will not make players feel bored. There are countless things waiting for you to explore and conquer. Enter this mysterious ancient world now.

Download The Bonfire Forsaken Lands Mod – Become a powerful monarch

To be able to create a fertile land at will. You need to understand the features and how to use objects in The Bonfire Forsaken Lands Mod. Start by reclaiming the forest, taking wood as raw materials for crafting. Create many large and beautiful projects. Like: Windmills, fountains, Buddha statues, etc. Players can recruit talented people to work for them and pay them a reasonable salary. This is also considered a simulation game because it is quite similar to reality. Work in the morning and rest in the evening. However, at night there will be a lot of scary creatures. They will harass your village. Use weapons to destroy them all to protect your villagers. In addition to that fear, there are also concerns about the weather. If it’s sunny, the job will go very smoothly. And if it rains, it can destroy the works immediately.

The Bonfire Forsaken Lands mod


Houses are where people live. The more you build, the more people will come to live. This helps players have more human resources to work as well as fight against wild animals and evil people. Windmills are also very necessary because they can create essential products for us. Build more docks and ships for fishing. Train warriors to serve the process of guarding against intruders. Explore more of the surrounding lands. If you have the potential, build more buildings. Create your own empire.

The Bonfire Forsaken Lands mod apk

Weapon Crafting

Weapons are very important to protect people from danger. In addition to available materials such as wood in the forest, iron in the mine is also a very good thing to make weapons. If you are lucky enough to encounter precious iron ores, you will be able to create more advanced items. Like: Swords, armor, shields, etc. Your warriors equipped with these advanced items will become stronger than ever. Of course, protecting the village was also safer than before. Become a responsible mayor, leading your people to conquer all difficult and dangerous challenges.

Game The Bonfire Forsaken Lands mod

Dangerous animals

Because the space is in the forest, there are many different species of animals that also live here. They often come to destroy your village. Make the people restless. In particular, their appearance is very monstrous. Like: A giant spider, wolf, or big chimpanzee, etc. They only work at night, so strengthen the guards to the maximum when the sun goes down. When coming, those animals will definitely make scary sounds. Direct the army to always be ready to fight, do whatever it takes to destroy them. Only then will your people have a peaceful life.

Adventure and Conquer

Not just stopping at the current land. Adventure here and there to earn new developments. Create a powerful army to conquer all places. Expand your territory, then you are not just a mayor of a small village. It was the ruler of this ancient world. There are still many lands for players to explore. Do your best to conquer it. Become the most powerful ruler.

The Bonfire Forsaken Lands mod apk

Surely when coming to The Bonfire Forsaken Lands you will feel very interesting and attractive. With beautiful designs and vivid images, designers show us a new world. And it’s even better when I’m the head of that kingdom. Are you ready for this challenging adventure? Download The Bonfire Forsaken Lands Mod to become the leader to rule the world. Bring peace to your beloved people.

Download The Bonfire Forsaken Lands Mod APK 1.3 (Menu/Infinite Resources, onehit)

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