The Escapists 2 Mod APK 1.10.681181 (Menu/Money/Energy)

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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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After starting the game, click the round button on the top left to open the mod menu with the ability – Infinite Energy – Unlimited Money

A game with a very new style and gameplay. The Escapists 2 is an extremely interesting prison escape strategy game. Players will be in the role of a prisoner and be locked in a dungeon. Do a prison escape mission and you can plan your escape in detail. Because the prisons where your character is kept are notorious prisons in the world with many strict guards. It is more difficult for prisoners to escape from prison than to go to heaven. This version 2 really has improved so many things that version 1 still has bugs and problems. At the same time, this version has also updated many extremely interesting features. That’s why when it was first launched, this game has received hundreds of millions of downloads on mobile.

Download The Escapists 2 Mod – Play as a prisoner and plan a classy escape

The Escapists 2 Mod throws you into a real prison that is scarier than hell. If the player stays in this place, he will live and die. But it’s actually harder to get out of here than to go to heaven. That’s why you should try your wits to be able to overcome the scary prisons with the strictest security in the world. A series of extremely attractive tasks for you to perform. When new to the game to be able to help players get used to the gameplay as well as how to play. Then the game publisher will not send your character to prisons that are too difficult. Which starts with prisons where you can escape easily. Or you can even beat the jailer to death to get out of jail. It’s interesting and interesting, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for without downloading this gameplay right away and experience it right away?

The Escapists 2 mod

Plans and ways to get out of prison

Each person will have a plan as well as a way to escape from prison. But you should learn and learn other ways to escape and gain experience. To be able to come up with the most perfect prison escape plan from there. Each prison will have a distinct design. Therefore, before being taken to the place where you are being held, you need to research those places carefully. The nature of the game is similar to the fact that escaping from prison is an extremely difficult job. At the same time, it also has a lot of potential risks and there are many dangers that threaten you. Even if the implementation fails, you will die instantly. Or if you get caught again, you will definitely encounter a heart-breaking attack.

Multiplayer mode

What I find interesting and attractive is the multiplayer mode. More specifically, it is a mode for 4 players to play together. This is really cool because I can plan and execute dangerous escape missions with my friends. When you have free time, invite your friends to coffee and play together in this mode, what’s better than that, right? There is a saying that ‘One tree can’t be young, three trees are gathered to the top of a mountain’. This saying is meant to say that a job when only one person does it will be very time-consuming and difficult to complete. Fort. However, with the help and support of many other people, that job will be solved easily. If you agree to plan and create tools to escape, you will definitely succeed.

Game The Escapists 2 mod

Graphics and sound

The graphics of Hack The Escapists 2 are not too different from version 1. It still runs on the 2D graphics platform, but that’s the main attraction. You can create your character and your favorite according to your taste and style. And I am sure of one thing that the experience that this game brings is really very real. Players can feel and think that they are imprisoned in a real house. This will help create more motivation for players to be able to quickly break out of prison. In addition, it is impossible not to mention the sound of the game. Especially the background music of the game. The simulation sound is really very realistic, the game’s background music helps to increase the drama of the game.

The Escapists 2 gives players a very new experience. And especially with friends playing this game, it’s all over. However, you cannot escape easily. And many times you will feel inhibited because it is too difficult. Don’t worry because The Escapists 2 Mod version will give you a lot of money and energy. You can use that money to quickly ransom the warden. Or you can also use the money to buy items to help you escape from prison easier. Download this version now and try it out.

Download The Escapists 2 Mod APK 1.10.681181 (Menu, Money, Energy)

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