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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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For the mod to work, you need to copy the folder inside the file and paste it into the Android/data path

You have a passion for football but do not have the conditions to develop. When participating in The Real Juggle, players are free to bounce the ball and show their talent. There is a special thing that this gameplay is not in the football genre. The essence of the game is to bounce the ball on the street. Lots of people around watching you show off, show off your skills. The unique thing is in this unique gameplay that no other game of the same genre has. Those are the characters without legs. You will see the body attached to the pants then there is a space and then the shoes. This is a magical point, in reality, there is no, so the game has received a lot of attention and support from gamers. This does not affect the player’s experience and skills. Overcome challenges to make your character level up faster.

Download The Real Juggle Mod – Street Art Balloons

Transform into a street art ballplayer. You have the opportunity to show your talent to everyone. When you become more famous, you will receive the warm support and cheers of everyone. Big programs will invite you to advertise, so there will be increased income. The Real Juggle Mod creates the best conditions for self-development. The difficulty level will be increased according to different levels. When you go to a higher level, you will encounter many more difficult and fierce challenges. However, the opportunity to advance is also high, which motivates players to try harder. You will be taken to many places with beautiful scenery, with many interested audiences. Try to complete the tasks assigned by the system. Valuable rewards are bonuses and experience. Use that money to buy costumes, unlock more new skins.

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Character system

Transforming into a professional football player in this gameplay is extremely easy. That can be difficult in real life. You will be interacting with other famous players around the world. Choose a character you like, have high ball skills. Unleash your role as your idol and compete with other athletes. They come from many countries around the world. Each person has a unique strength and skill set. This is the basic and most important factor that determines your victory. Upgrade your health stats to play better.

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Game mode

In each game mode, the system will make requirements for the moves and skins you need to perform. Control your character to perform the Jutsu exactly as required. Make sure to complete all the objectives to get the maximum score. Thus, you will win the most attractive and premium gifts from the system. Solo mode has always received the attention, participation, and participation of many people. Because athletes will be competing directly. Whoever has the higher skill wins.

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Valuable gifts

Each time you complete a challenge the system gives you, you will receive encouragement gifts. It can be gold coins, experience, new skins, costumes, etc… The harder the challenge, the higher the value of the gift. Especially everyone likes it is the gold coins. Players can use it to unlock, change any player they like. The odds of receiving this gift are extremely low. It also depends on your luck. There are also many other attractive gifts such as a Golden umbrella, ball, championship trophy, etc. Conquer all the most advanced gifts.

Graphics and sound

In my opinion, the gameplay has quite unique and fancy graphics. As on the opening part and through the photos in this article, you can see. The appearance of the players is designed according to the publisher’s own style. Players will find many extraordinary and magical things in the game. Like the fact that the character has no legs, the techniques are manipulated very quickly. Combined with the high-quality sound background, it gives gamers an experience that is not inferior in reality.

the real juggle mod apk

Experience the feeling of becoming a famous football player, loved by many people. Show your skills to the audience. Let them always wait for you every time you go on the field. Complete all the challenges of the delivery system, bring back the most valuable gifts. Continuously upgrade your characters to higher levels. At the same time, use gold coins to unlock the character you like and experience extremely interesting.

Download The Real Juggle Mod APK 1.3.13 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

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