The Sun Origin Mod APK 2.0.8 (Menu, Money, Ammo, Immortal)

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V1 Menu Mod

After starting the game, click the circle button at the top left to open the mod menu, there are the following options:

  • Endless money;
  • Endless bullets;
  • Endurance is endless;
  • Immortality;
  • Weapons increase inventory space.

V2 Unlimited Money

  • Lots of money to spend

In the action game genre, but the designs in The Sun Origin Mod are extremely funny and cute. If you are a person who has a hobby of shooting, you will definitely not be able to ignore this game. Transformed into a person with extremely skillful skills with many skillful skills of a skilled gunman. In the eyes of everyone, you are a superhero like protecting the kingdom from the hostile forces. Their force was even more numerous and increased continuously. You are alone and have only one gun. This weapon is a companion in every battle. The enemy always wants to kill you so you need a cold head to be able to destroy all the enemies. Outside there are extremely powerful powers that want to sabotage this place. Players will be honored and respected by everyone when they defeat these dangerous monsters. Winning each match you will receive extremely valuable rewards.

Download The Sun Origin Mod-Destroy monsters

When you start the game, you cannot immediately start fighting, because you do not have the skills and information about the game. The Sun Origin Mod will guide you in detail on the features and overview of the game so You can approach and get acquainted with the game. Immediately after training and accumulating enough skills and experience, you can come to civil wars between yourself and extremely powerful monsters. In each battle, when you destroy the enemy, you can pick up money and equipment. You use that money to buy new weapons, new equipment for your character. In addition to increasing the strength, you can also upgrade your weapons to increase the ability to attack and defend to destroy the enemy more easily. Download this gameplay now to your device and join the battle game with the admin right away.

Rush Rally 3 mod

How to play

In each match, there will be hidden dangers because the monsters in each match are different. They have the power to spoil their own characteristics. Furthermore, they can appear anywhere in your military base. Maybe in front of the gate, behind the gate or they can also appear right in front of your eyes. In addition, in the journey to rescue the base, the pitfalls are always stalking and threatening your life. Monstrous traps, unpredictable transformations they want to hinder your journey. The stones can also become fireballs attacking you, or extremely dangerous mobile electric traps. They can cause you to be stunned for a few seconds or slightly injured, but behind the traps are extremely valuable gifts. Try to win to bring glory to yourself.

game The Sun Origin mod

How to destroy all the zombies

The Sun Origin is an action game, with many extremely attractive things. The game has many things for players to experience as much as they can. The game has many gates, in the gates, there are many things for you to destroy to complete the missions. The gates have many strange animals, you need to kill all the zombies to be able to overcome extremely difficult levels. You need modern weapons to be able to destroy all hordes of monsters. Once you have the weapon and see the monsters in the street, do not hesitate to destroy them immediately. Destroying each boss you can get the good equipment hidden in them. You can not enter the lair of zombies and destroy them because there are many dangerous animals and many different types of bosses.

Beautiful 3D graphics

Sun Origin also attracts players because of its beautiful graphics. Many small details are meticulously designed, sharp, giving players a really great experience. The combat interface is also extremely complete and detailed. There are joystick and battle keys in the left corner of the screen. This radar is capable of detecting the presence of bosses around you. This will be very helpful for your defense. In addition, the sound quality is also very good, the background music of the game increases the suspense and drama for the player. The effects when killing zombies are also extremely vivid. This sharp 3D image will create a feeling for the player to experience the task more.

game The Sun Origin mod hack

The Sun Origin was really a huge success for the game publisher that brought in too much non-physical as well as mental profits. However, to be able to experience all the features that this game brings, the regular version of the player will be very difficult to conquer. To become one of the elite shooters, you need to have a deeper understanding of the game’s features. Download The Sun Origin Mod now and experience many of the game’s features and destroy all zombies.

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