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Modded by AndnixSH

Zombies are always the fear of everyone in the world. They have greater strength than humans, always want to attack, eat us. The Walking Dead: Our World opens up a fantasy world where the world is invaded by monster forces. They are rampant everywhere, harming people. Making people always in a state of fear and anxiety. You play the role of a lucky person who is still alive. Besides you, there are many other people alive. Let’s all gather together and join the fight. Facing difficulties and dangerous challenges. You need to equip your character with protective suits, modern weapons. To be able to help you win easier. At the same time, always upgrade and unlock more new weapons and vehicles. Even if you meet many zombies, you will not feel afraid.

Download The Walking Dead: Our World Mod – Super classic gun battle

The characters in The Walking Dead: Our World Mod are designed completely like normal people. No special powers or abilities. When bitten by an enemy, it will still turn into a zombie as usual. So you have to be very careful, don’t let the undead have the opportunity to approach and harm you. Control your character to move skillfully, mischievously. Hide behind objects and use guns to attack monsters. Faced with an overcrowded zombie army, you have to stay calm. Handle them one by one, do not rush. If you let your aggression and aggression take control, it will be very difficult to gain an advantage. In addition to the main weapon, which is the gun, you have many other options. If the number of zombies is not too large, you can use swords and axes to melee, destroy them. But be very careful, skillfully dodge the attacks from the enemy.

The Walking Dead Our World mod apk

Shoot all the zombies

The zombie army often moves with the crowd, attacking extremely fiercely. If you face it directly, it will be very difficult for you to win. So need to be very calm, find a safe location, away from zombies. Use the gun to aim properly at the enemy’s head. Because that is the weakest point of the zombies. For powerful guns, just 1 bullet will make the enemy lie on the spot. Combine with smart moves to defeat all enemies. As you move deeper into their lair, the number will increase day by day. Upgrade weapons, shoot all enemies.

Game The Walking Dead Our World mod

Modern gun arsenal

The Walking Dead: Our World Mod has a combination of sniper rifles, shotguns, pistols, shotguns, etc. Everything is enough to help players get good conditions to participate in combat. Use guns with great destructive power, capable of dealing damage on a large scale. Cannons, Tsar cannons, etc…. With just one shot, dozens of zombies can explode. A source of extremely terrible power that makes all zombies afraid. Gameplay has a special feature that allows players to pair 2 guns together to create new weapons. This allows you to unleash your creativity.

Game The Walking Dead Our World mod hack

Join gangs

When participating in the gameplay, you can apply for action gangs between many players. When you join the group, you will receive a lot of benefits, many valuable things to help you level up faster. Especially when fighting monsters, it will be easy to win. When you have the support and help of your teammates, you will be much easier to deal with. If you don’t like it, you can create your own separate gang. Set a name, rules and invite people to join your group. This will cost a relatively large amount of money. Please consider before deciding to set up.

Build a base

Zombies are raging everywhere. On the streets, buildings, parks, etc. There are zombies chasing and harming people. If you shelter there, you will encounter many dangers, which can be attacked at any time. Therefore, it is necessary to build yourself and your teammates a battle base, a safe haven. Do not let monsters know this location or they will attack immediately. This is also a place for other survivors to be sheltered, safe from the fear of being harmed by the enemy.

ear The Walking Dead Our World mod

Your most important task when participating in this gameplay is to ensure everyone’s life. Do not let anyone be attacked or harmed by the enemy. Facing the bloodthirsty, creepy zombies need to be very careful. Equip your character with the most advanced equipment and weapons. Defeat every army of monsters, ensure everyone’s life. After each win, complete the task, you will receive a large reward from the system. It is a source of motivation for players to fight better.

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