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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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How to install
Step 1: If you have never installed this game, please refer to the “How to fix AppNotOwned error” below.

Step 2: Install APK.

Step 3: Open the game, now you need to have a network connection to download all game data (About 4G).

How to fix AppNotOwned
If you get an AppNotOwned error when opening the game, it means you don’t have a license. To obtain a license, you must do the following:

Step 1: Open Google Play, search for The Witcher Tales: Thronebreaker.

Step 2: Install the game from Google Play

Step 3: Wait for the downloaded percent over 1%, click Cancel. Now you have the license of the game.

The Witcher Tales Mod takes players to fierce, dramatic battles between monsters. More than a war, you are discovering new lands with many mysterious stories behind them. Bringing card battle style, you will use them to participate in the battle. Here, players will play the role of Queen Maeve. With the task of leading the army to defeat the Nilfgaardians to protect their kingdom. The game is like a campaign, you can arrange the squad as you like. If you want to win, use tactics and gain experience from each match.

Download The Witcher Tales Mod – Join the Fierce Wars

The Witcher Tales Mod opens a vast kingdom, many mysterious stories are being hidden. The game has a fascinating storyline, revolving around Queen Meve. A talented queen who once led two powerful warriors in the northern kingdom, Lyria, and Rivia. They and Queen Meve go through countless battles to regain the freedom of the kingdom. After years of peace, a war is about to break out again. The Nilfgaardians appeared, intending to invade the territory. This is a strange people, they are like a trigger, specializing in opening wars of invasion. Once again, Queen Meve will have to stand up and lead her army to defeat the Nilfgaardians to keep the kingdom safe. Join the game, you will become the Meve queen and enter the cruel wars.The Witcher Tales Mod

Use smart tactics

Become Queen Meve, participate in the war to protect the kingdom. You need a smart strategy, combined with a lot of experience to defeat the enemy. In Witcher Tales Mod you are free to arrange cards as you like. To win and achieve high efficiency, arrange a strong squad according to a suitable strategy. Going through each battle, you will have to gain experience and learn lessons. From there, applying it to future battles will help you achieve high efficiency and win easily.Download The Witcher Tales Mod

Monsters and the Nilfgaardians

In Witcher Tales Mod your enemies are giant monsters. With their aggressive and evil nature, they will find ways to defeat you. In addition to the animals, you also have to watch out for the Nilfgaardians, they can attack you at any time. This battle does not know how long it will last, but you must be very patient and have a high fighting spirit. Although the gameplay is in the style of cards, the fight is extremely dramatic and tense. You must use all the knowledge you have learned to arrange a powerful battle formation. Your enemies too, they will get stronger over time. You have to work very hard to get over it.Game The Witcher Tales Mod

Upgrade version and new friends

If you want to achieve high efficiency and have good results. Players need to upgrade the version continuously. Every week the developer will update the new version, you can update the full version. That will help you get more power and health. From there, you can defeat the enemy easily and win with a high score. In addition, Witcher Tales Mod allows you to invite more friends to join.

Various cards

Witcher Tales Mod provides players with a lot of cards. Each card is a warrior, possessing its own strength and fighting skills. In addition to some of the warriors provided, the rest you will have to use the money earned after each battle to unlock. There are some rare cards you can get through the battle. Upgrading cards is also very important, you can upgrade your strength and health stats to increase your fighting ability.Tai The Witcher Tales Mod

Various kingdoms

Witcher Tales Mod opens a lot of rich maps. Not only in one kingdom, but you have the opportunity to fight in many different kingdoms. From frozen kingdoms where snow covers year-round to kingdoms nestled in the mountains. No matter which kingdom you are in, you will feel the brutality of battle. Each kingdom has mysterious stories behind it, players will have the opportunity to explore it and find the answer.

Entering the Witcher Tales Mod for the first time is a devastating sight. Along with that, are the sounds of war expressed through each sword’s impact. Or the sound of bombs hitting the wall. Everything creates an extremely fierce scene. Character creation is carefully selected, giving you an unforgettable experience.

Download The Witcher Tales Mod APK 658 (Unlocked All)

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