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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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The Wolf Mod the name says everything about this game, this game will revolve around you incarnating as a wolf character. Living in majestic nature but also full of danger is always waiting, everything is very similar to the wild world in reality. The game is provided by Swift Apps LTD with the criteria to satisfy players with the best feeling created on both Android and IOS platforms to make it accessible to everyone. You will become a wolf and must find a way to use all skills to be able to survive in the wild nature jungle. With termites everywhere, completing the tasks you have is not easy to survive in the wild.

Download The Wolf Mod – Survival of Wolves

This is a completely different world from the human world I live in, The Wolf Mod is a game to give you a new feeling to help you understand more about nature. About the wild animals make me feel nature. You will control a wolf, can play alone, there will be only one wolf you will be alone. But strong wolves when following the pack you can go together to add survival. You will have to hunt and destroy other animals to get more food. Can also be done with the quest, but with the small animals you can use the power of wolves to hunt like running. Has strong claws for lightning strikes or teeth that can squeeze any prey. With larger prey they can attack again, it will be more convenient if you know how to combine with your wolf brothers to easily destroy as well as not let them escape. Of course, there are also stronger carnivores, so don’t be foolish to attack them alone but think carefully to come up with a plan to destroy the enemy safely.Game The Wolf Mod

Wild World Panorama

Hack The Wolf builds its own on an independent world that no other game has, a bold idea but also full of novelty. Have you watched videos of the wild world of animals in the wild about their life? This game has shown the life of wolves in this wild world with hills and mountains, forming valleys. There are luxuriant forests, but streams and rivers, and all kinds of animals. This game contains a lot of things that are almost a panorama of the jungle, just through the game, you will feel the life is different but also full of the wonder of nature. You will transform into the wolf of your choice and choose for yourself a suitable one to explore together.The Wolf Mod

Character Level Up

Although The Wolf Mod is a bit different from some other games, this is also a game, so the strength of the character does not just standstill. It also has for me to level up the character when you complete the quests as well as destroy other species, it will give you experience if this reaches a level, your character will be leveled up. As the character’s level increases, the strength of their abilities will certainly increase, and the skills of wolves will gradually be revealed as their strength grows.

The Wolf Mod will let you live in a wild world when you control your wolf to survive in an extremely dangerous place where things always happen without warning, vulnerable to attack. So playing this game is quite difficult, but now you can have it easier when you have Unlimited Money. It will help you upgrade your wolf character when there are times when you don’t earn money anymore, will increase your survivability many times when your wolf is stronger.

Download The Wolf Mod APK 2.3.1 (Free Shopping)

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