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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Unlocked: – Open DLC The Little Ones

This War of Mine Mod was first released in 2014 but on the computer platform, a pretty big attraction for young people at that time and now the developer has released this game right away. on my mobile phone and has won a lot of attention from the current gaming village. Set in a village that is suffering the consequences of extremely brutal and fierce aggression wars. The villagers living in the village are very hard to cope with the bloody carnage, you will play as one of the villagers trying to overcome yourself to win this life.

Download This War of Mine Mod – The War of Survival

The plot of This War of Mine Mod is not entirely based on real-life history, the makers of this game have confirmed that information. Not a soldier fighting for either side, you are one of the people in a village living peacefully when the calamities of the war strike. Dead bodies are scattered everywhere, and the human desire to live is taught more than ever. You will have to overcome thousands of arduous challenges, face the immediate enemies and enemies that are also very important to survive that are food, drink, and medicine. Try to overcome all the difficulties and overcome yourself so that you can survive in a bloody world without human love.

This War of Mine Mod

Difficulties pile up

Food, water, medicine, or other ingredients are very important in this chaotic This War of Mine Mod world. All the items needed to survive are scattered around this village, you will need to collect quickly to be able to sustain life in the future days ahead, the more collected, the more your life will be. will also increase higher. You will have to do everything to get the necessities because your own life is always the most important, whether you have to steal from other refugees or go to dangerous military locations. must also risk themselves in order to survive. Collect enough necessities to be able to craft weapons to defend yourself from the dangers around you.

Danger lurks

The soldiers of the enemy corps and the extremely dangerous snipers are a no small worry in this war of survival. They will be in every location scattered throughout the map of This War of Mine Mod, the pace of the game will change according to the day and night scene, you need to avoid areas with shooters to be able to complete. into trading missions and have enough money to craft weapons to protect your shelter. When your life is threatened, right or wrong will not be a big problem, you will need to make a few trade-offs to survive in this war, help the refugees. other if possible and sometimes will have to make other sacrifices to protect life.

Game This War of Mine Mod

Sound and graphics of the game

The color of This War of Mine Mod has a rather quiet and dark style, expressing the frightening coldness of meaningless invasion wars. With extremely excellent and realistic graphics, clearly showing the cruelty as the wars go by, it is only the color of the smoke. The details in the game are made extremely sophisticated and dynamic, making the player feel authentic and passionate in the best possible way. With an overview angle, you can observe all the houses on each floor that you are hiding as well as see all the dangers to make a smart treatment plan. The sound of the game is very sharp, each step or gun sound is created in a way that resembles real life.

When you download This War of Mine Mod APK version, you will be unlocked the whole game. You will not need to work hard to overcome challenges and collect everything hard, you are all unlocked, all you need to do when you download the game is give yourself moments of real gameplay. relax and experience how painful and cruel war scenes are. Besides, the game is entertaining to help players have comfortable relaxing moments when participating.

Download This War of Mine Mod APK 1.5.10 (Unlocked All)

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