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The war of heavy aircraft in space is open to those who have a dream of becoming a pilot to fulfill their passion. Thunder Fighter Superhero has just been released not long ago but has been named in the top 5 games with the most number of people loved. Attracting gamers by engaging gameplay in super classic spaceship battles. If you have ever played the legendary chicken shooting game, you will see the similarities between these two games. The spaceships in the game are designed extremely pitifully, with many extremely modern technologies. Will help players get the feeling of becoming a real pilot. However, your main task when participating in this gameplay is not so simple. You need to fight with your teammates, against the evil forces of aliens. Destroy them all,

Download Thunder Fighter Superhero Mod – Spaceship battle in outer space

Thunder Fighter Superhero Mod is an online game that allows you to connect with other online players. Together, form a team and participate in extremely attractive battles. Face a series of challenges the system presents. Players need to have a quality airship. Make sure to have enough powerful attack power, shoot down those monsters. They say they are spaceships, but when you look at their appearance, you will see that they look a lot like robots. However, when the combat feature is not activated, the heroes will be spaceships. To fly, dodge the obstacles created by monsters. When the evil forces appear, they will immediately turn into a robot. Has the function of attack, flying is extremely magical. Control your hero to dodge shots from enemies. Try not to get hit by too many bullets that will damage the spacecraft.

thunder fighter superhero mod apk

Extremely strong enemy

Although robots are equipped with many modern technologies, terrible power. But the enemies you have to face also have extremely fierce attack power. Try to combine with your teammates. When the number of monsters appears too large, you should divide them up to disperse them. Thus, it will be easier to destroy when they combine into 1. The bosses have fierce power, scary to mention such as Croodsadin, Iron Wall, Crulel, etc….. Face these 3 types you Must have alertness, focus, and control the spacecraft to move flexibly. The amount of bullets they fire each time is immeasurable. It is very difficult to dodge all of them. But try to limit the spaceship’s blood loss as much as possible.

thunder fighter superhero mod

Nice attack effect

When you activate the attack function, the character will launch extremely beautiful light effects. The bullets are blue, red, yellow, etc…… Constantly changing. Along with that, the counterattack from the enemy makes the space even more lively. There are machines that emit extremely magical electric lightning. With just one button, you can watch the scene of the monsters exploding. Each type will have its own special effect. Let’s slowly experience it all.

thunder fighter superhero mod apk

Robot Transformation

The number of robots in the game is not too large. But it is enough for players to have a great experience. Do not feel bored when playing games for a long time. The interesting thing is that robots can transform. If you have ever seen superhero movies or transformers, you will find this gameplay has very high similarities. The highlight is Spibey and Wolviron these 2 characters have extremely fast transformation speed, the effect when changing is also very beautiful. Make players feel excited at first sight.

Attractive gameplay

Thunder Fighter Superhero mod has quite simple gameplay. Whether you are a new player or are too familiar with this game, it is easy to grasp how to play. Your task is to control the spaceship to move to avoid the enemy’s bullets and launch a counterattack to defeat them. The basics are the same, but to win, you need to practice regularly and upgrade your skills every day. Equip your robot with boss bullets, radiating in many directions. The enemy, even though there are many, appearing from many sides, can be defeated.

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Thunder Fighter Superhero is invested by the publisher with many of the most modern technologies and features on the mobile game market today. With quality 3D graphics, the design of spaceships and transforming robots is extremely delicate. A futuristic world with evolving robot technology is opening up before your eyes. Join the gameplay and fulfill your destiny. Destroy all dangerous physical forces, harmful to the earth.

Download Thunder Fighter Superhero Mod APK 5.8 (Unlimited Money)

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