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Tinker Island sets the scene on a deserted island, players will have to survive here. Due to an expedition of the expedition crashed at sea. And shipwrecked, fortunately, 3 people survived, drifting to an island. You are one of them, must find ways to maintain your life. As the captain, players will lead them to collect essentials that can survive in this harsh environment. Gameplay poses many difficult challenges, hunger, and death are always around. Quickly search for food and weapons for self-defense. Because this place gathers a lot of man-eating beasts, extremely dangerous. Can pick up guns or swords easily seen on the road, ready to fight them. Allocate and organize reasonable work for members. Together build a spacious house with materials available in nature. Constantly improve the quality of life, survive until the end of the game. Gameplay gives you a rewarding adventure. To test intelligence and survival skills in harsh, dangerous situations.

Download Tinker Island Mod – Survive on a deserted island in your own way

In Tinker Island Mod, players will freely operate, not be constrained by any framework. Promote creativity, thinking ability, work arrangement. Collect things that you think are useful. Although this is a deserted island, creatures and food sources are quite abundant. Just work hard and search hard to make sure the food warehouse will get rich quickly. Many wild beasts in the deep forest are constantly attacking, waiting to take their lives. So you have to be very careful, prepare the weapons to protect yourself. You can collect them on the road or craft your own. Take advantage of natural materials such as Wood, bamboo, coconut leaves or palm, etc. To build a spacious house, avoiding the harsh weather. And don’t forget there are 2 teammates who are always ready to obey your command. Let’s divide the work for them, help save time, Quickly complete the challenges. Building yourself a full and affluent life will receive many plus points and bonuses. Items can be purchased to make vehicles travel back to the mainland.

Tinker Island mod

Collect food and weapons

Foraging is always the most important job. Because this is what helps maintain your fitness in a normal state. Only then will you be able to perform other tasks. Take advantage of the abundant seafood here such as shrimp, fish, crab, oysters, etc. Or go to the forest to hunt animals, pick wild fruits. Divide the work among friends to quickly fill the pantry. In particular, do not forget to collect weapons that can fight beasts. For example guns, knives, swords, axes, hammers, etc. They are scattered everywhere, need to be found quickly. To improve survivability and support many other jobs.

Tinker Island mod apk

Explore the island

Players will be overwhelmed by the magical beauty of the scenery on the island. Along the coast are wide sandy beaches, suitable for resting, watching the blue sea color. Or explore the caves that contain many interesting and interesting things. This is truly the most special trip you will ever experience. However, the weather here is very changeable. The day is quite dry and hot, but at night the cold makes the character shiver. To cope with the harsh environment requires players to have patience and good stamina. It is known that the valleys on the island hide a lot of diamonds and treasures. If you find them quickly, the chance of returning to the mainland will also be closed.

Game Tinker Island mod

Classic graphics

The publisher has specially designed Tinker Island Mod with classic graphics. To describe the wild, harshness on the island. The images are very clear and the colors are vibrant. The movements of the characters are extremely smooth. Players can experience gameplay for a long time without causing jerky, strabismus. Many beautiful natural scenes, especially the sea view, help dispel stress and pressure. Characters talk to each other easily through dialog boxes. Together, divide the work quickly. The diverse and rich sounds of creatures, wild animals, etc. The fun and vibrant background music stimulate the player’s working spirit to rise.

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If you are an adventurous person, want to experience the feeling of survival in a harsh environment. Come to Tinker Island that has everything you need. Being transformed into a talented commander, leading everyone according to his strategy. To survive and return safely to the mainland. Gameplay trains the player’s patience and creative thinking. Download Tinker Island Mod survival journey on a deserted island. Use all skills, practical knowledge to survive to the end.

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