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ToonApp Mod is developed by Lyrebird Studios, with a painting style. However, the application is not like the usual drawing styles. Here users will be using tools, to create an interesting photo. If you often use photo editing applications, with the aim of turning your rudimentary photos into sharp and vivid images. Then in this application, it is the opposite of what you have ever experienced. It is the user who will draw the pictures in a funny and funny way. By drawing ordinary pictures into cartoons. This is a new discovery that helps you create interesting photos with your own designs.

Download ToonApp Mod – Create Cartoon Style Photos

ToonApp Mod is an application that is loved by many people. Because it brings joy to everyone through unique photos. The main function is to turn all ordinary photos into cartoon-style pictures. In particular, the application can turn from a photo of a real person, into a cartoon character. Filled with vibrant colors, along with interesting lines and expressions. However, the main highlight of the application is when it turns the character into an animation. But still, retain the facial expression and nuance of the person. This seems to be an application, helping users see how themselves when entering the animated world will look like. In addition, users can directly take photos on the application and create a work of their own.Download ToonApp Mod

Simple operation

The interface is designed to be simple, along with the ability to optimize quality. Helps you easily perform operations, without worrying about not knowing how to use it. Along with that ToonApp Mod is synthesized a lot of useful features. To be able to support users in the image conversion process. Or you can even use the camera, to be able to create photos directly on the app. That will shorten the image conversion time and you don’t have to go through any other tools. Especially after completing the photo to animation conversion. The user can select the lower body of the character and replace any other cartoon character in that position. Not yet forested there, the application allows you to edit the size of the upper part of the character. Then you can arbitrarily set the character’s head size to be large or small.Tai ToonApp Mod

Category Toon Me

Besides ToonApp Mod provides you Toon Me category. Here, you can use a lot of unique photo editing tools. That helps you create interesting cartoon photos. This category makes it possible for you to design your own cartoon images. By using Bubbles tool, to add bubble effect on photo. Or edit colors through the color brush tool. Fading tool, helps you to open the background image. And there are some other interesting tools waiting for you to discover. Editing photos is quite simple, you do not spend too much time learning. As soon as you select a certain tool, the image will change accordingly for easy identification.ToonApp Mod

Unique effects

To meet the needs of users, as well as bring new experiences. ToonApp Mod provides you with an interesting collection of effects. With many different genres, it helps you unleash your creativity and design your favorite animations. The drip effect, for example, is used by a lot of people because it gives the image a vivid look. Besides effects can be inserted on top of each other. Now you can give yourself the best effect design for your image. In addition, the application provides you with a variety of wallpapers and interesting backgrounds. Especially with professional Al editing technology, users will be supported with many attractive features. With that, you need to choose the photo, background, and layout to complete the transition from real photo to animation.ToonApp Mod APK

ToonApp Mod’s Selfie feature helps users create professional photos. This feature uses AR technology to give you extremely sharp and vivid image quality. Especially before taking photos, users can add icons, stickers and choose appropriate effects. To create an interesting and unique photo. Also, you can use paid to upgrade to the Pro version. Then users will be supported with a lot of attractive features and use everything without limitation.

Download ToonApp Mod APK 1.0.67 (Unlocked Pro)

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