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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)

Come to the race of Top Speed ​​2 Mod to be immersed in the speed and roar of the engine. The game uses sharp 3D graphics, with top-notch sound effects. Combined with maps and many unique supercars, all inspired by reality. Promising to bring the best racing experience exclusively for players. Far from the racing games you’ve played before. Here there are many interesting features for you to customize, perform car upgrades to achieve higher speeds. What’s more, the game has no speed limit. You can upgrade your racing car in your own style and enter the thrilling race. Compete directly with other online players, show off your skills by finishing first.

Download Top Speed ​​2 Mod – Crime Chase On Super Cars

Although it is a racing game, Top Speed ​​2 Mod has an attractive storyline. The scene unfolds in a large city. There still exists a mafia organization with many illegal activities. They always find ways to evade the law to collect illicit money. You are a talented young policeman who specializes in catching speeding cars on the highway. However, you are currently suspended from work because you have not been able to complete the assigned task before. During your reluctant suspension, you receive assignments from your superiors. Abandon the status of a police officer, transform into a professional racer. With the mission to catch the gangsters who are trying to escape the border. They are the clues for the police to find the criminal evidence of the mafia organization in the city.Download Top Speed ​​2 Mod

Show racing skills, complete the required missions

Enter the race of Top Speed ​​2 Mod as a pro racer. Using the provided supercars, you start participating in intense races on the road. Your opponents are gangsters trying to run away from the border. They drive expensive supercars with outstanding speed. With skillful driving skills, making you encounter many difficulties in the pursuit. To complete the task of arresting these criminals, you have no choice but to win. Show off the skills of a specially trained highway cop who is now a reluctant racer. You pass each opponent on the track in turn, accelerate to the maximum and reach the finish line. Take the number one place and become the winner. Complete the mission be given,Game Top Speed ​​2 Mod

Story Mode and Elite Mode

Coming to Top Speed ​​2 Mod you can play the game with 2 different modes. For Story mode, you experience story-driven races. Usually for those who are just beginning to play at the beginning, helping to get used to the gameplay and control system. At the same time can improve racing skills, improve the experience to prepare for the upcoming races. Win in turn to move to the next level, with increasing levels. Entering Elite Mode, you are competing with many other online players. They come from many countries around the world, with rich racing experience. You show your skills by driving on the track. Overtake each opponent in turn and reach the finish line at the top of the table. Win and move up the leaderboard.Top Speed ​​2 mod

More than 70 famous supercars

The most prominent feature in Top Speed ​​2 Mod is the vehicle system. There are no popular racing cars or luxury racing cars. Instead, there is an impressive lineup of supercars with more than 70 famous supercars around the world. They are all inspired by reality and are designed to be realistic. Featuring some iconic supercars like Bugatti, Pininfarina Battista, Aston Martin, W Motors Lykan, and many more. Each supercar is designed with an eye-catching appearance and color. Along the specifications are displayed separately on each supercar such as Power, Grip, Shift time, Weight.Tai Top Speed ​​2 Mod

Besides choosing for yourself a favorite supercar. Players also have to upgrade their racing cars to increase the performance of the car. Top Speed ​​2 Mod has 7 parts on the car for you to upgrade. Includes engine, landing gear, exhaust, gearbox, turbocharger, tire pressure, and nitro. Each part helps the car change performance, increase power and speed for racing cars. For example, upgrading the engine helps the car to increase power, the gearbox helps the car to increase acceleration time. Or nitro with the ability to help the car increase its maximum speed. Easily overtake other racing cars on your way to the finish line.

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