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What makes the heroes fight hard is to survive and win the glory. Come to Total RPG to be transformed into a hero, perform great tasks. The demons in hell are rising up to destroy the holy places of mankind. Players will have to stop this terrible situation before it is too late. Prepare the most advanced weapons, armor, and items to help protect the body. Quickly depart to their base. Along the way, get information about the demons from the priests. To quickly find the lair and how to deal with the enemy. They are extremely crowded and cunning, it takes skill and combat experience to defeat them all easily. You can practice regularly to master character control, improve combat skills. Can create a lot of powerful moves to change continuously when fighting demons. Make them dizzy, unable to turn, and fall. Gameplay has a diverse mission system along with the excellent quality of graphics and sound. Bringing players a journey to capture the demons full of truth, attractive.

Download Total RPG Mod – Fight for a beautiful ideal

The holy places in TotAL RPG Mod are sacred lands, religious centers. But now it is invaded and harassed by demons. We can’t let them roam around like this forever. Players will have to stand out to purify them, return the inherent peace and sacredness to this place. The first important thing you need to do is choose your profession to start performing the task. Make sure it’s in your strengths and suits you. In order to achieve the highest efficiency when fighting. Once selected, move the character with the on-screen controller to the demon’s base. Along the way, there will be a lot of monsters that suddenly attack. Therefore, you must always stay focused and observe to be able to judge the dangers ahead. Attacking and killing all the monsters you meet on the way will help you increase your bonus points and receive many bonuses. Quickly enter the enemy’s lair, beat them to pieces. No one will ever be able to contaminate the lord’s noble sanctuary.

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When starting to join Total RPG Mod your strength is only normal. To be able to complete challenges at higher levels, you need to upgrade the hero’s body stats. After each level, the player’s strength will be increased, and the stats will also be improved. For example Attack speed, resistance, damage, etc. You will have enough ability to continue to complete the next dangerous challenge. Just like that, at the higher level, your strength will be increased many times. Let’s pass all levels of play to own the most terrible power, confidently fight the bosses.

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Equipment System

Your enemies are very strong and the number is very large, so be prepared in all aspects. In which indispensable modern equipment will help you destroy monsters more easily. The system will provide you with armor, weapons, shoes, hats, etc. All of which help you fight and avoid enemy damage. Gameplay has a diverse arsenal of weapons for players to choose from. All are designed with high damage and eye-catching shapes. Especially modern guns such as rifles, machine guns, AK guns, even cannons. All are powerful tools to help you destroy demons quickly and easily.

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Perform mission

The journey to destroy the evil forces of the player is extremely long and arduous. So, the number of challenges and tasks that need to be overcome will also be a lot. Along the way, you must not only destroy monsters but also avoid deadly traps. And collect items that will appear after fighting monsters. These things will have uses that you never expected. It will help the hero heal, increase strength and defeat enemies in a flash. The difficulty level of the quest will also increase over time. Should require players to improve strength and skills, combat experience. To be able to complete all and receive attractive rewards.

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Total RPG has an attractive storyline along with interesting tasks that will bring players new and rewarding experiences. You will have the opportunity to own the power of the heroes you have always admired. Join fierce battles with monsters and gain a lot of experience and combat skills. Download Total RPG Mod to destroy demons, protect holy places, and prevent evil plots from invading the human world.

Download TotAL RPG Mod APK 1.16.2 (Unlimited Money)

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